5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Tension Set Diamond Ring

A tension set diamond ring draws attention to the center stone instead of the surrounding metal. While this type of setting is less traditional than a prong setting, it still demands a high quality diamond. Before you go out and purchase this type of ring, make sure to consider the following factors:

James Allen

When it comes to diamond ring previews, James Allen is still the winner, but Blue Nile has caught up. James Allen now provides HD 360-degree views of every listing, while Blue Nile offers videos for most stones. While the former is still the front-runner when it comes to diamond previews, James Allen still offers up to three IdealScope images and personal inspection. And the website’s drop-ship business model means that it’s free to return your diamond if you’re unhappy with it.

In terms of quality, James Allen is one of the best online jewelers when it comes to tension set diamond rings. They have hundreds of thousands of diamonds available to choose from, each with 360-degree HD imagery, so you can get a good idea of its overall performance. Additionally, you can view the diamond’s performance in a virtual preview before making a purchase. On the downside, James Allen does not offer high-quality colored gemstones and most of their diamonds are poorly cut.

Edward Mirell

Whether your budget is limited or you are looking for the most elegant ring, the Edward Mirell tension set diamond ring will surely be perfect. Made of titanium, this ring is scratch-resistant, lightweight, and durable. All Edward Mirell jewelry is designed and manufactured in the United States. The company is known for their cutting-edge designs and contemporary pieces. Each ring comes with a certificate of authenticity and is backed by a manufacturer’s and lifetime warranty.

The design of this ring is highly unique, with a titanium band that is carved with a thin, 8-millimeter channel. A square blue sapphire is set in the center of the titanium band, creating a unique architectural effect. The ring is available in half sizes 5 through 12 and has a free 30-day return policy. The diamond is set using a tension-setting process that is both scratch and heat-resistant, making it ideal for everyday use.

Brian Gavin

A unique diamond setting can provide the look of a tension set engagement ring. The Spiral Love setting features a low-profile bezel that rests beneath the diamond and holds the two sides in place. The result is a ring that appears to float in mid-air, but is actually firmly set. Brian Gavin is dedicated to providing the highest quality diamonds, which can cost upwards of $1,000.

A typical tension setting will loose tension when heated too much or is polished too hard. The intricate nature of tension-set diamond rings can be difficult for a local jeweler to create. To create the highest quality tension set diamond ring possible, Brian Gavin took inspiration from the works of many other designers and incorporated their ideas into the designs. In the process, he managed to outshine the competition.


This dazzling Laraci tension set diamond ring boasts a princess cut center stone suspended within a wide, yellow gold band. This ring’s contrasting yellow and white gold bands create a swirling effect that draws the eye to the diamond. The ring is available in various metal options to suit your style and budget. You can choose the metal of your choice, or opt for an all-white gold version if you prefer.

This type of setting is made possible by the precise combination of precious metal alloys and precision heat treatments. Only Steven Kretchmer’s technology can ensure the security of the stones and prevent them from shifting around during normal wear and tear. Imposing the work of an American jewelry firm would be a risk to the security of your stone. Hence, you should always seek professional help when purchasing a Laraci tension set diamond ring.

Steven Kretchmer

The diamonds in a Steven Kretchmer tension set diamond ring are held together by a tension-loaded ring. These rings are considered collectible works of art, and are custom-engineered. The tension-loaded ring is made using a technique called spring-loading, which is patented. A ring with two points of contact with the gemstone is considered to be fragile and may lose its tension when slightly over-heated or polished.

tension set diamond ring

A tension-set diamond ring is a classic choice, and Steven Kretchmer’s omega engagement ring is no exception. It features 40 diamonds that total 0.40 carats. Its simple yet elegant design is sure to enchant your beloved. And since it is made from platinum, it will never go out of style. The Steven Kretchmer Omega engagement ring is also a great choice, with its combination of gold and platinum.

Steven Kretchmer’s

The tension set diamond ring was invented by Steven Kretchmer, a jewelry designer who received the personal award of “New Designer of the Year” from the Jewelers of America in 1992. It is an innovative design technique that uses no prongs, just one long expanse of the shank. As a result, the ring has a sleek appearance and belies the intricate processes involved in making it.

Designed by Steven Kretchmer, this elegant tension set features a square diamond encircling the center of the ring. The sides of the ring are matte while the top of the ring is polished. The ring can be made in 18 karat yellow gold or white gold. It can also accommodate diamonds of different shapes, including princess cuts and square cut diamonds.

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