A Princess Margaret Wedding Dress Will Set Your Heart Aflutter

A princess Margaret wedding dress is a stunning choice that will surely set your heart aflutter. Princess Margaret is the sister of Queen Elizabeth II and married photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones on 6 May 1960 at Westminster Abbey. This elegant gown was designed by renowned British designer Oliver Messel. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect dress for your big day. After reading this article, you will surely feel more confident about making your decision.

Norman Hartnell

The wedding gown of Princess Margaret was designed by Norman Hartnell, the couturier to the Queen and her mother. The princess chose a simple line because she was petite. The gown accentuated her figure, a look echoed by her bridesmaids’ dresses. The dress was also modeled after an early Margaret gown her father wore to the Royal Ascot in 1927.

The gown is made of silk taffeta, which is a traditional fabric that accentuates the female figure. It was designed 60 years ago and adorned with silver and gold embroidery and was embellished with seed pearls and crystals. The future Queen Mother wore this gown to a garden party in the Bois de Boulogn, where she was photographed with King George VI and then French President Albert Francois Lebrun. In the same year, the future Queen Mother wore it to an important state visit to Paris.

Although Hartnell’s work remains relatively unknown outside of the fashion world, it remains a significant part of British royal history. He adapted contemporary fashion for the royal family, and his designs were often influenced by the style of the monarchs. He started by creating slim fitted daywear and evening gowns that emphasized her shape and elegance. Hartnell adapted the fashion of his day to accommodate her requirements.

The wedding dress from this famous London designer was designed by the famous fashion designer. Hartnell’s costume designs were admired by the Queen Mother, who appointed Hartnell to be a guardian for her son, Peter-Gabriel. Another friend of Hartnell’s, Main Bocher, was a Vogue editor and was very complimentary to Hartnell’s work. In addition to the wedding dress, Hartnell’s gowns were featured in British and American Vogue.

Oliver Messel

A royal wedding is a special occasion. For those planning a royal occasion, this gown may be an interesting choice. Princess Margaret was one of the most popular brides of all time, and her wedding dress by Oliver Messel will certainly be a focal point. It’s the perfect example of the importance of choosing the right designer. However, the dress is more than just a wedding gown. It’s a work of art, and she wore it with aplomb.

A close friend of Princess Margaret’s, Messel was most likely to design her wedding gown. Her dazzling dress is made of turquoise silk and gold gauze. It’s embellished with beading, braiding, bows, and gold brocade. Her work with the princess didn’t stop at ball gowns, however. Messel moved to Barbados in the mid-1960s and began designing homes and villas for the royal couple.

Despite its regal status, the gown has a theatrical quality to it. Its voluminous sleeves are three quarter length and elasticated at the elbow, making them look like a wedding dress. The skirt is sheer and lace-trimmed, and the bodice is decorated with crystals. Moreover, the original sketch of the dress was reunited with Messel’s design. The princess wore the gown to a costume ball in 1964.

Before his career in the fashion industry, Messel had a distinguished career as a painter. He spent three months in Italy studying the works of Bellini, Carpaccio, and Ghirlandaio. He even designed masks for the Diaghilev ballet Zephyre et Flore. Messel also designed costumes for Norma Shearer’s role in The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Queen Mary’s Diamond Riviere

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert wore matching diamond riviere-encrusted gowns on their wedding day. The Diamond Riviere wedding dress was fashioned in the shape of a diamond pear. Its exquisite detailing included diamonds of different lengths and colors, as well as pearls. The diamond riviere was a gift from Prince Albert to Queen Mary. The wedding dress was so exquisite, it has been on display at Kensington Palace since 2012, in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Queen also had a stunning collection of jewels, which included the Diamond Riviere. With 34 graduated old cut diamonds mounted on gold and silver, this gem-encrusted gown resembles an antique. However, its provenance is unknown, but it is most likely that she purchased it at an auction. She wore the gown in the late 1920s to many events, including daytime events and portraits.

Prince George and Princess Mary’s marriage is widely celebrated. The royal couple married on July 4, 1893, at St. James’ Palace in London. Their son, Prince George, was the bride’s godfather. Their wedding was a huge occasion, and Mary’s wedding dress was one of the most popular items in the royal palace. The diamonds on the dress were a symbol of their love for each other, and they were accompanied by the royal jewels.

Queen Mary’s diamond-embroidered dress was made in England by Linton and Curtis. The dress was trimmed with three small flounces of Honiton lace. The lace was trimmed with orange blossoms and a full bow of mousseline de soie. The white and silver brocade skirt featured a ruche of chiffon and flowers along the hem. The bride’s veil and the bouquet of orange blossoms were both handcrafted by artists, with diamond embroidery.

Serena Stanhope

The Hon. Serena Stanhope married the Viscount Linley in 1993. The wedding gown was designed by Bruce Robbins, and featured a fitted satin “V” neckline, split at the waist, and a tulle skirt. Serena borrowed her mother-in-law’s Papyrus Tiara, which she wore on the day of the wedding. Lady Mary and David Armstrong-Jones also wore dresses from the 1960s.

The bride arrived at the ceremony in a Rolls Royce, two minutes late. Bruce Robbins designed her wedding dress, and Nicki Clarke did her hair. Both bride and groom had their wedding ceremony on a blue carpet, honoring tradition. The bride’s flowers included lilies, while the groom’s were white roses and red roses. The bride’s sleeves were green, and she wore a long veil to complete the country look.

After the wedding, the couple settled into married life and had two children. Their first child, Viscount Linley, was born on November 3, 1961. The couple also had a daughter named Lady Sarah Frances Elizabeth Armstrong-Jones. The couple went on to honeymoon in India, and later had a son named David. The new couple welcomed a daughter in 1964. It is unclear whether or not the Princess Margaret had more children before her husband died.

The dress was designed to fit Princess Margaret’s body shape and showcase her Poltimore Tiara. Unlike many wedding gowns today, Princess Margaret’s gown lacked excessive embellishment. The designer eschewed regal marriage fashion by omitting motifs, patterns, and pearls. She also chose not to add any sequins to the dress.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Riviere

The wedding dress worn by Queen Elizabeth II is a piece of fashion history. The diamond riviere was originally composed of 40 old-cut diamonds, and was gifted to Queen Elizabeth by King George VI in 1937. The Diamond Riviere was one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that the Queen had ever owned, and it has since become a symbol of the crown’s importance in the lives of British women.

princess margaret wedding dress

The bride wore a tiara made of tiny diamonds, and a turquoise velvet Tessiers Ltd. case to carry her diamond riviere. Her dress was complete with a diamond earring and a necklace and was accompanied by a silver watch. Her jewelry included a diamond necklace and earrings, as well as a tiara that converts to a Diamond Fringe Necklace.

The tiara was not only worn on the day of her wedding, but also on many other occasions. Princess Elizabeth wore the diamond riviere on her wedding day, which was a time of post-war austerity in the UK. Luckily, the Queen received 200 extra ration coupons for the celebration. The young royal was also admired by many, including some admirers who had sent their ration coupons to her. While the government didn’t want to allow the transfer of these coupons, Princess Elizabeth did it anyway, and managed to make the post-war budget work.

Interestingly, the Queen’s diamond tiara was also given by Her Majesty Queen Mary in 1937. Queen Mary’s diamond tiara was later worn by her daughter when the pair were married. She wore the tiara on her wedding day and in portraits around 1937. It is a piece of history that will live on forever. If you’re wondering what the Queen’s diamonds are, you should know that there are several famous pieces of jewelry on display in the Royal Collection.

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