Ariana Grande’s Two Stone Diamond Ring

For those who want to purchase a ring that is worthy of being worn by Ariana Grande, consider a two stone diamond ring. These rings are available in various styles and designs, such as infinity, knot, and heart rings. The choice of style depends on your personal preference, and you can even find rings with other gemstones. The diamonds and gemstones can be cut into various shapes to match any type of ring.

Ariana Grande’s two-stone diamond ring

It’s not hard to see why fans would be in awe of Ariana Grande’s engagement ring. She recently posted a close-up photo of the ring on her Instagram story, and the implication is that it’s an engagement ring. A two-stone diamond ring is a trend that’s continuing to rise in popularity among celebrities. Considering the celebrity-endorsed nature of diamonds, it’s no wonder why this ring is so unique.

As previously reported, a ring with a pearl may be in the works, although there are some skeptics. For one, the ring could easily cost more than six figures. While the exact gemstone is not known, many fans speculate that it is the same type of pearl her grandfather used to wear on his tie pin. While the truth remains a mystery, this engagement ring represents a mashup of several trends.

After receiving a proposal from Dalton Gomez, the singer was surprised by his man’s proposal in 2020. The singer had the ring custom-designed by jeweler Jack Solow. In addition, Ariana Grande’s pearl is thought to be an heirloom from her late grandfather. In 2021, the singer and rapper Travis Scott surprised her fans with matching “toi e moi” rings.

CaratsDirect2U’s two-stone diamond ring

When purchasing a two-stone diamond ring, you’ll want to make sure that both stones are the same carat weight. Ideally, they should be within 0.02 carats of one another, but you can buy smaller diamonds for the same price as larger ones. You can also choose between different cuts if you’d like to buy a ring with two stones in different sizes.

CaratsDirect2U takes advantage of Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software to take sharable product images. The software enables users to crop, label, and create high-quality photos of their jewelry. The resulting photos of jewelry are stunning and showcase the workmanship behind each piece. In addition to the beautiful images, shoppers can chat with a jeweler to learn more about a particular piece.

This two-stone diamond ring offers a sophisticated and streamlined look. Its platinum setting encircles two stones with different shapes, allowing the bride’s personality to take center stage. Yellow gold also adds a classic and sophisticated touch. To make the ring more unique, you can choose between a cushion-cut center stone or two petite round diamonds. The choice is entirely yours!

Angara’s two-stone diamond ring

two stone diamond ring

Angara has an impressive selection of two-stone diamond rings. Choose from knot rings, infinity rings, and heart rings. The rings can be customized to fit any style. You can also choose from different gemstones and cut them in various shapes. You can even choose from the birthstones of the future couple. In addition to diamonds, Angara offers other fine jewelry in a variety of materials and prices.

While Angara does not offer a lifetime warranty on its rings, they do offer a 30-day exchange or refund. Be sure to unworn and in its original condition when returning your ring. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, Angara is happy to accept returns or exchanges for free. Angara’s two-stone diamond rings are worth the price. The quality of the stones is good, and the settings are nice. However, the diamonds are advertised in carat weight and quality brackets that are arbitrary and not specific to each ring.

Angara jewelry is made in Los Angeles, with additional production in Thailand and India. The company is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It sources its high-quality gemstones directly from the mines. The majority of gemstone jewelry is handmade, which ensures that it is of the highest quality. Angara stands behind its products and guarantees a lifetime warranty. Upon purchase, most Angara items appraise at 125-200% of their original value.

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