Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to diamonds, you can’t go wrong with an Asscher cut. This classic shape is renowned for its beauty, and the square shape has an even higher price tag. However, it’s worth the price tag if you have the right budget. There are many reasons why this shape is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Read on to discover the many benefits and differences between this and other cuts. Then, find out if this diamond shape is right for you.

Asscher cut diamonds

A classic style of diamond engagement ring is the Asscher cut. It has a high crown, and 58 to 74 facets. The cut makes the diamond appear large, and it draws the eye into it. When choosing a stone for an engagement ring, an Asscher cut diamond should have a G-grade or better color grade. Asscher cut diamonds are comparatively less expensive than other diamonds of the same carat weight, but the price difference is minimal.

The Asscher cut is the most sought-after of all diamond cuts. This shape is extremely difficult to achieve, but it is an excellent choice for engagement rings. Unlike other cuts, the Asscher cut requires an equally grand gemstone. Because the cut accentuates every flaw, this type of gemstone has to be of exceptionally high quality. Also, a stone with this cut must have the correct proportion of width and length to make it look square.

For an engagement ring, an Asscher cut diamond should be set in a prong-set setting. These settings will help to hide the inclusions in the diamonds, and will make the engagement ring look stunning. Another option for an engagement ring with an Asscher cut diamond is a vintage-inspired sparkler. The gold band will add a vintage touch to the design. In addition to a diamond in a prong-set setting, this style is available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

asscher cut engagement rings

The Asscher cut diamond is a classic cut that exemplifies the elegance of an engagement ring. The eight-tiered structure reflects light and is reminiscent of an earlier pyramid known as a ziggurat. The architectural quality of an Asscher cut is unmatched by any other diamond cut. It should also have a VS2 clarity grade, and should never fall below this level.

Aside from its beauty, the Asscher cut is also quite rare. It is not widely available in engagement rings. Asscher diamonds are not as common as princess or emerald cuts, but are considered a more unique shape. A new royal cut diamond was patented in 2018 and has 74 facets. A Royal Asscher cut diamond is even rarer and will be expensive. Its symmetry and brilliance are unrivaled by any other cut.

Another key characteristic of an Asscher cut is its shallow depth. This compensates for the shallow depth by making the table wider. A stone with a shallow depth will appear smaller than one with a deep table, but it will hold more carat weight than its equivalent round cut. An asscher cut diamond of the same carat weight will be 6.5mm wide compared to a diamond with a shallower depth.

The Asscher cut is an elegant and timeless choice for an engagement ring. An Asscher cut diamond looks very much like an emerald. It has a wide table, a shallow crown, and high facets. Its facets emphasize the depth and brilliance of a diamond, giving it a distinct signature appeal. There are two main types of Asscher cuts: the standard Asscher cut and the Royal Asscher cut.

While the Asscher cut is not the most popular diamond shape, it is a timeless classic. This diamond shape is often paired with other diamond cuts, including the Princess Cut. While both of these diamond cuts have a square shape, they are generally more brilliant than one another. In addition, this diamond style has a rich history, and is ideal for brides who love rebirth and infinity. A classic diamond engagement ring in the Asscher cut will surely be loved for many years to come.

In 1902, Joseph Asscher invented the asscher cut diamond. He later founded the Asscher Brothers of Holland, now known as the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. Asscher cut diamonds gained popularity during the 1920s, and they were the center of attention in Art Deco jewelry. Asscher cut diamonds have a sweet, elegant look that makes them a popular choice for engagement rings. Asscher cut diamonds remain popular today.

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