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The name “chocolate diamond” may seem unusual, but its color and value make it an unusual choice for engagement rings. This article will give you an overview of Le Vian’s “Strawberry Gold” collection, a collection featuring diamonds with a distinctive chocolate tint. In addition to examining its value, it will explain the color of chocolate diamonds and how to pair it with an engagement ring. Read on for more information.

Le Vian’s “Strawberry Gold” collection

Strawberry Gold is the softer pink tone of gold developed by Le Vian to complement the brand’s Chocolate Diamonds. During this time, the brand introduced Chocolate Solitaires, the Gladiator, and the first Chocolate Timepieces. These unique collections continue to inspire collectors and designers. Besides the Strawberry Gold collection, the company also offers classic styles such as the Chocolate Diamonds Ring.

The designers of Le Vian’s Strawberry Gold line create jewelry that reflects the latest trends and styles. Their latest offerings are a cluster of Chocolate Diamonds accented with black rhodium and a trio of vanilla diamonds. The pieces are suspended from an 18-inch cable chain and secure with lobster clasps. This unique jewelry is a perfect choice for anyone who loves exquisite details and a glamorous look.

Le Vian’s trademarked chocolate diamonds

A ring with a trademarked chocolate diamond is unique. Its name has become a trademark in several countries. Its creator, Le Vian, coined the term “chocolate diamonds” and patented the name. In order to bring its unique and unusual jewelry to the general public, Le Vian has created standards to ensure the quality of its diamonds. The brand’s trademarked chocolate diamond ring is a perfect example of how the company has continued to create unique jewelry.

One carat of Le Vian’s trademarked chocolate ring is one of a kind and has the ability to distinguish itself from other diamonds. Because of its high quality, Le Vian’s diamonds are more expensive than other brown diamonds. Though the brand does not own every high-quality brown diamond, the name of the company is considered synonymous with luxury jewelry. However, Le Vian isn’t the only company that uses the name, so you should always make sure to check the company’s reputation and credentials before buying a diamond.


Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring for your sweetheart or something else completely different, the color of a chocolate diamond ring will fit your style. Although these rings are less expensive than white diamonds, it’s important to consider the clarity grade, since too many inclusions can lower the sparkle of the diamond. While chocolate diamonds are not as rare as white diamonds, they still look beautiful. However, choosing the right stone can be tricky.

While many people don’t consider brown diamonds to be particularly beautiful, they are very versatile. They can be set in almost anything, and they go with almost any color scheme. The name chocolate ring gives them that special touch – they’re rich and silky. The result is a unique ring that will catch your partner’s eye. And if you want to make the most of the color, then a chocolate diamond ring will make you look and feel like the sweetheart you’re looking for.

Value of chocolate diamonds

chocolate diamond ring

Although chocolate diamonds are not the best value holders, they can still be quite expensive. They’re often bought for their uniqueness and look and aren’t necessarily purchased for rainy day emergencies. That said, they can be larger than white diamonds, so they can give you a lot of bang for your buck. Here are some tips for buying chocolate diamonds for engagement rings:

One way to tell whether a chocolate diamond is real is to compare it to a traditional white diamond. If it is one carat, you’ll be able to tell if it’s natural or artificial. Because chocolate diamonds are unique, they are usually rated SI on the clarity scale. Le Vian uses independent third-party laboratories to check the quality of each diamond before it is sold.

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