Easy Braids to Do on Yourself

One of the easiest hairstyles to learn is to do a braid on yourself. To do this, you must divide your hair into three equal sections at the nape of the neck. Hold one section in your right hand, the other in your left. Then, take the right strand and cross it over the center strand. Continue moving your right hand to the left until the braid is finished. Repeat the process with the left strand.

Prep tip 1: Brush your hair

Prep your hair before braiding it. Before starting to braid your hair, use small rubber bands to secure the braid. Wear the braid overnight so it can dry. Once it has dried, you can comb through it with a wide-toothed comb. You can also use a hair-styling gel to prevent it from falling out. The following tips will help you do easy braids on yourself.

First, part your hair in three equal sections. One section should be the center part. Another section should be the left side of your head. Separate the three sections with the tail of a comb. Then, begin braiding your hair by picking up the section nearest your face. Repeat for the other two sections. Once you’ve braided your hair in three parts, you can combine all three sections into the center one.

Next, take a small strand of hair from the left side of your head. Carefully weave a line from your left temple to the right side of the braid. Then, cross the left section over the right section and repeat the same process with the remaining hair. Repeat this process until you’ve braided your entire head. You can even braid your head more than one time before you’re done.

Prep tip 2: Interleave your hair

To create braids, divide your hair into three sections using your fingers. Make sure the dividing lines are parallel to the direction you want your braids to travel. Cross the outermost sections alternately with the center section. Turn your head slightly while braiding. Pull the braid to one side for a neater finish. You can also use clips to keep your hair in place while braiding.

First, brush your hair. Decide which side of your head you want to braid. Split your hair into two parts on the left and right sides. Repeat with the other side sections. Next, add a “slice” of hair to each section. Repeat the procedure for the third section. This should create four sections. Make sure that each section is at least one inch wide.

Prep tip 3: Pin your braid to your head

easy braids to do on yourself

Repeat this process about two or three times. Secure the braid with clear elastic. Repeat the process to secure the braid on the other side. Then, pull and smooth your hair so that it is evenly distributed. Don’t forget to secure it with a bobby pin as well. After the braid has been secured, you can go about your day. Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly and sanitize your styling products before wearing.

Part a small section of hair from the left or right side and twist it away from your face. Add another small section to the center or right side of your hair. Continue this process until you have secured your braid all the way across your head. You can also secure it with a small, clear elastic. You can also pin your braid with a hair tie if it doesn’t stay in place with elastic.

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