Gender Neutral Formal Wear

The demand for gender-neutral formal wear is growing with the arrival of Gen Z consumers. This non-gendered clothing can span styles, cuts, and sizes, making it a great choice for the fashion conscious woman. You might be wondering how this clothing fits in, or where you can find the perfect piece. If you are not sure, here are some tips to look great at your next event. This article will cover some of the most common gender-neutral formal wear styles.

Gen Z consumers are creating demand for gender-neutral formal wear

In the midst of the sexualization of youth, the fashion industry is facing a wave of gender-neutral consumers. According to the Phluid Project, 56% of Gen Z consumers are now shopping outside of their gender-specific category. This generation, with $143 billion in discretionary spending power, is making a strong demand for more gender-neutral formal wear. Despite the challenge of creating a more inclusive industry, brands and retailers are doing what they can to meet the needs of this consumer group.

Today’s youth has unprecedented power, and they have the ability to push brands on social and environmental issues. They were shaped by the recession and the coronavirus pandemic, two global crises that changed their habits. Coming of age during such a time of international crisis only compounds their progressive politics and their demands on businesses. For this reason, companies have a duty to address these concerns and cater to their desires.

The Gen Z consumers’ attitude towards gender-neutral fashion has evolved over the years. According to the UNiDAYS Gen Z fashion report, one in four students surveyed believe that gender labelling is not inclusive. The survey also revealed that one out of four Gen Z consumers would be willing to pay more for gender-neutral formal wear if it were more gender-neutral. This trend is likely to continue as students age.

Non-gendered clothing transcends styles, cuts, and sizing

According to the Phluid Project, 56% of Gen Z consumers shop outside of the gendered areas of fashion. The Gen Z population consists of consumers with $143 billion in spending power and has made it clear that they want more diversity in the fashion world. The Phluid Project’s findings reinforce this. Millennials are the second largest group to support gender-inclusivity.

Among Gen Zers, a group born in 1997, gender fluidity is on the rise. According to a survey conducted by the J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group, 44 percent of Gen Zers say they always buy clothes for their own gender, compared to just 37 percent of Boomers and 50 percent of Gen Xers. Many Gen Zers also express gender fluidity through their style, which is why non-gendered clothing can meet their fashion needs.

A new generation of designers is challenging traditional gender roles in fashion. Fashion designers, such as Rad Hourani, are creating more inclusive, gender-neutral collections and challenging traditional men’s clothing norms. Designers have taken up this challenge as a form of social commentary, with many of their pieces sold through department stores globally. Non-gendered formal wear has exploded in popularity.


If you’re looking for a fashionable, gender-neutral formal wear brand, you’ve probably heard of IJJI. This California-based company focuses on creating clothing with natural fibers and interesting silhouettes. Their name is derived from the Japanese word izipantsu, meaning “loose-fitting drawstring pant.” Every piece is made in the United States from natural fibres in interesting colors, and the brand prides itself on being environmentally conscious, using organic cotton and cupro to make its garments.

Tops are another important factor to consider when shopping for gender-neutral formal wear. You can find t-shirts and henleys that are available in both men’s and women’s styles. Many of these items are made from recycled materials and recyclable packaging, so you can feel good about purchasing them. These tops look best when paired with other clothing, such as skirts, pants, and blouses.

There are plenty of great brands available that cater to gender-neutral formal wear. IJJI focuses on a variety of materials, such as cotton, silk, as well as interesting silhouettes. It also rejects the notion that more is better. Made in California, IJJI has been gaining momentum in the fashion industry for many years and has won numerous awards. The brand is now being sold in many department stores and online.


The Tibi fashion brand was founded in 1997 by Amy Smilovic. Inspired by local textiles and culture, Smilovic’s brand has a distinctive, modern take on feminine style. While Tibi primarily targets women, it has gained a global following for its gender neutral, modern feminine style. Despite its name, Tibi has an equally gender-neutral collection for men and women. Here, we will explore the brand’s history, mission, and current designs.

Despite the name, Tibi is one of the first mainstream brands to create gender-neutral formal wear. Founded by Diana Ganz, Tibi is a label that’s traditionally marketed toward men, though its female designer made history in 2016 by featuring in the menswear portion of New York Fashion Week. Its gender-neutral clothing skews towards the traditional feminine side, but the brand’s attachment to historical narratives and vintage designs make it an ideal choice for both men and women.

Tibi gender-neutral formal wear is made with comfort and style in mind. Its feminine silhouettes and streamlined silhouette will enhance any work environment, while maintaining a professional look. Unlike other formalwear brands, Tibi’s clothing is suitable for every job role, regardless of your gender. Whether you’re seeking a job or just want to make a good first impression, Tibi gender-neutral formal wear will help you achieve both goals.


The collaboration between Nordstrom and fashion label Wildfang includes a number of clothing options, including tailored jackets, loose-fitting suits, and slogan T-shirts. All pieces are priced under $100 and five percent of the sales will go to the nonprofit Year Up, which promotes career opportunities for young people from underrepresented groups. The satin dress is available in both black and navy pinstripe, and has adjustable straps.

gender neutral formal wear

The brand is made by two women who were previously working at Nike. Their aim is to redefine menswear and offer affordable, high-quality options. Their clothing is incredibly versatile, with separates available in almost any color. In addition to formal wear, Wildfang sells a wide variety of mix-and-match separates and even offers some very luxurious pieces. They also offer velvet pieces, which can be worn year-round.

The brand is also known for its dedication to social justice and is run by women. The “Wild Feminist” collection is their cornerstone collection. Founded in 2013, the company has donated over half a million dollars to charities and supports LGBTQIA+ causes. While not strictly gender neutral, Wildfang does take care to make its clothing as environmentally friendly as possible. This makes their clothing perfect for events like parties and weddings.

If you can’t afford a new suit, consider renting one from a company like SuitShop. They sell affordable formal suits that can be worn at multiple formal events. The company also has a rental service that offers gender-neutral outfits that can be tried on and returned if they don’t suit you. Lastly, you can buy gender-neutral formal wear from online stores like Etsy.

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