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If you are looking for a job in the food industry, you may want to consider working for Great Performances Catering. This company caters to all kinds of clients and plans events of all sizes. From intimate gatherings to large events, Great Performances brings professionalism and skill to every project. Read on to find out more about their catering services and Job openings. Also, check out the Company’s Organic Farm in Kinderhook, New York, and its commitment to local flavors.

Job opportunities at Great Performances Catering

If you are interested in joining our team, we are looking for a Director of Human Resources. This position reports to the Chief Business Officer and supports Great Performances’ values, people and mission. This position oversees three direct reports and provides guidance and leadership to the HR department. Other responsibilities include development and implementation of strategic HR initiatives. As a director of human resources, you will help us achieve our vision of building an exceptional organization.

Company’s commitment to local flavors

A New York City-based hospitality company, Great Performances caters to corporate events and private functions, and has made a commitment to local flavors and transparent sourcing. Liz Neumark, the company’s CEO, says there’s a critical moment in the relationship between people and food. As a visionary and trendsetter in the field, she is committed to using seasonal and local ingredients for her dishes.

To show their commitment to local flavors, Great Performances owns a 60-acre organic farm in Columbia County, NY, called Katchkie Farm. The farm supplies vegetables to their cafes and CSA programs, and represents a significant investment in sustainable agriculture. Katchkie Farm also works with children in the community to promote healthy eating through its Sylvia Center. The farm donates 5% of its harvest to local anti-hunger organizations every year.

In the 1980s, Great Performances began as a waitress staffing company to serve the entertainment industry. Now, Great Performances caters events of all sizes and types. Their attention to detail and commitment to local flavors make each client project a successful one. Liz Bailey brings a wealth of experience to the business, including event coordination, sales and production, and customer service. With a focus on seasonal and local ingredients, Great Performances enhances life’s celebrations with the finest food and service.

While Great Performances’ commitment to local flavors extends beyond the catering industry, their focus on sustainable agriculture has led them to create and install a service station at the Center415 conference and has catered events for the Symphony Innovate Conference, the Planned Parenthood Gala, and the Landmark Innovate Conference. With so much dedication to local flavors, Great Performances has become one of the first catering companies to operate its own organic farm. Katchkie Farm is an organic farm in Kinderhook, N.Y. The catering company also provides box lunches for its volunteers.

Its own organic farm in Kinderhook, N.Y.

One of the largest independent catering companies in the United States now has its own organic farm located in Kinderhook, New York. The farm, which has a 30,000 square foot venue, was submitted anonymously to one of the city’s leading and events companies. In addition to New York, it serves many venues in the surrounding states. Here are some of the best practices for environmental professionals that are relevant to your event:

The farm was started by Liz Walsh, who, along with her husband, purchased sixty acres of land in Kinderhook, New York, to grow organic food for her business. The farm’s location is ideal for the catering business, which uses produce grown on the land. The farm is a thriving organic farm, and Great Performances’ mission extends beyond the food industry. The company also supports The Sylvia Center, a nonprofit that addresses issues in children’s health. Great Performances also uses its produce for their menus, helping to keep the food industry thriving.

With an organic farm located in the Bronx, Great Performances also serves legendary venues throughout New York City, such as the Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom, Jazz at Lincoln Center, BAM, Rockefeller University, and many other famous venues. They will prepare restaurant-quality dishes in the Bronx and truck the food to their growing clientele. While many catering companies will source their products from a nearby grocery store, Great Performances’ organic farm is unique in the industry.

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The company is currently expanding its operations from Hudson Square to the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx. Originally a part-time staffing agency for women in the arts, Great Performances has grown into a full-service catering company in Kinderhook. Despite the expansion and growth of the company, its founder, Liz Ross, is still a pioneer and thought leader in the hospitality industry.

As a philanthropist, Terri Neumark is a champion of the environment. Terri serves on the West Side Campaign Against Hunger Advisory Board and the Fund for Public Housing. Terri also chairs the Hudson Square BID, a borough development district in Manhattan. Besides focusing on food, Terri Neumark also founded The Sylvia Center to promote healthy eating habits among children.

The New York-based company has catered for many notable events, including the Planned Parenthood Gala, the Symphony Innovate Conference, and Landmark’s Robert Schwarz Administrative & Operations Manager. Great Performances also manages Dizzy’s at Jazz at Lincoln Center. This is just one of the many reasons the company has its own organic farm in Kinderhook, New York.

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