How to Choose a Cathedral Ring Setting for Your Engagement Ring

If you’re thinking about proposing to your fiance with a cathedral ring, you’ve probably wondered where to start. This elegant style is essentially a folded ribbon, with stones set at an angle. The center stone is surrounded by a band that goes around the ring, while two small accent stones rest beneath it. The accent stones are 1.3 mm each, totaling approximately three-eighth carat total weight (TCW). You can choose any shape for the center stone.


A traditional cathedral ring setting can be quite elegant and petite, or can be vintage looking and contain additional features. A cathedral setting typically has a raised center stone to emphasize its size. Because of its design, cathedral settings are popular with all types of diamonds, although they are harder to maintain and clean than other types of settings. They may also be unsuitable for active lifestyles, because their gaps and niches can make them difficult to clean.

This type of ring setting offers countless possibilities and is usually best handled by an expert craftsman. It’s also incredibly comfortable to wear, since it still wraps around the finger. While the cathedral setting has a higher risk of being knocked, it can also be a good option for those who don’t spend a lot of time on their hands. This type of ring setting can also be easily stained by hand lotion and makeup, so it may require frequent cleaning.


cathedral ring setting

A cathedral ring setting has a classic design that accentuates the center stone and a band filled with pave diamonds. While cathedral rings do feature a traditional center stone, a cathedral setting can also be customized to fit your style. Its simple shape emphasizes the stone’s center and adds sparkle and detail without a lot of fuss and filigree. This style has an intricate band that twists and turns to provide negative space to emphasize the center stone. Channel set bands offer more security for the center stone and a modern spin on the style. They can also feature smaller stones in a wide setting, which works well with smooth prongs.

Another variation on the cathedral style is the halo. This style features raised arches that appear to form a basket-like structure under the ring. This setting style also allows for plenty of personalization and can be combined with other types of settings. Because the diamond is elevated so high above the shank, the design tricked the eye into seeing a larger diamond than what actually was there. In addition, the cathedral style can be combined with split-shank or pave settings, so you have a number of design options available.


A cathedral ring setting is a classic style. It is often associated with stateliness and beauty. Its wide, arched design represents the stately look of a cathedral and can be complemented with additional pave stones or metal details. A cathedral ring setting can be simple or intricate and add an air of sophistication and elegance to any piece of jewelry. The following are a few tips to choose a cathedral setting for your ring.

When choosing a simple cathedral ring setting, take the shape of the stone into account. You should avoid setting the stone in a shape that is too small or too large. Cathedral settings are traditionally round, but can also be square, oval, or rectangular. They are also often used in vintage engagement rings. Cathedral settings are increasingly popular due to their ability to enhance the center stone and offer more customizability. They are available from various jewelers, but it is important to choose a jeweler that offers free annual cleanings to keep your diamond looking sparkling. Cathedral settings tend to collect dirt.


If you want to give your engagement ring a classic yet modern look, then a cathedral ring setting is for you. This setting style is defined by its arches that extend from the table and girdle to the center stone. The arches help to secure the stone in place, while also providing additional light to enhance its sparkle. The cathedral setting style is also great for adding surprise diamonds to your engagement ring. The ring’s sparkle will be subtle and the unexpected inclusion of a surprise diamond will add to its brilliance and artistry. Cathedral settings are a combination of old-world beauty and cutting-edge trends.

Another feature of cathedral settings is their high profile. While traditional solitaire diamond rings can be secured with a prong-style setting, cathedral settings tend to be higher and more secure. This style is ideal for smaller diamonds. The cathedral setting’s higher profile will make it appear larger than it really is, and it will also protect the diamond from impact damage. Unlike a tension setting, the cathedral style is perfect for wedding rings that require extra security.

Available in all shapes and sizes

The cathedral setting is a popular choice for rings, and is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This classic style has survived for many years, thanks to its versatility and wide range of options. Cathedral rings can be either delicate or bold, and there are many ways to craft the arches. Cathedral settings are also difficult to clean, as they have many gaps and niches that can collect dirt. However, the open design of a cathedral setting allows for a unique and dramatic look.

The cathedral ring setting is a traditional option for engagement rings, but you can also find rings with other styles as well. This style is ideal for engagement rings because it complements almost any finger shape. Not only is this type of setting elegant and beautiful, but it is also comfortable to wear. A jeweler can also customize your cathedral ring to match the style of your engagement ring. To find a ring with a cathedral setting, visit a local jeweler today.


There are plenty of benefits to choosing a low-price cathedral ring setting. Compared to a traditional band, a cathedral ring setting is versatile and allows you to design something special. A cathedral ring setting has a distinctive raised look and can be susceptible to banging against unexpected surfaces. It also tends to get dirty easier. Its open crevices can trap debris and dirt, as well as hand lotion or makeup. If you’re not into regular cleaning, you may want to reconsider buying a cathedral ring setting.

The most obvious disadvantage to cathedral ring settings is that they require frequent cleaning. Their many crevices can trap dirt and make them difficult to clean. If you have a large stone, you may not have the time to clean the ring as frequently as you would a plain band. If you prefer a more simple look, a cathedral setting can be a good choice. Cathedral settings also look unique and edgy, and they can be worn by almost anyone.

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