How to Decorate Your Wedding Tables

As you begin to plan your wedding tables, keep these things in mind: Place cards, Escort cards, Centerpieces, Favors, and more! Here are some tips to make your tables look amazing! You can even get creative by decorating your own table with the colors of the season! Once you’ve mastered the basics of table decoration, you’ll have the best wedding tables ever! After all, it’s your day! Don’t forget to send thank you cards, too!

Place cards

Wedding table decor can be an important part of your special day, and place cards are a great way to make your tables look beautiful. While place cards for wedding tables are traditionally made out of cardstock or paper, you can also use other items for your decorations. Mirrors, candles, or old books are also great options. Regardless of what you decide, the final product will look beautiful! Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect place cards for your wedding tables.

For the ultimate in Southern charm, consider using hand-painted, leaf-shaped place cards. These are extremely durable and can last for three weeks. They can be stored in a refrigerator and last a long time. Besides being environmentally friendly, these place cards can add a personal touch to your tablescape. They are also less expensive to produce, but they’ll last a long time! You can also choose the colour of your place cards and add meal stickers to each place card.

In addition to using a paper card for your place cards, you can also opt to use a digital printer to create them. While digital printing may not be as elegant as handwriting, it still makes a great accent to any tablescape. Choose a design that is classic or trendy, and you’re good to go. Digital printing is also a great option for wedding place cards, and it’s a more affordable option.

Escort cards

When you plan your wedding, the day-of stationery should be one of your first considerations. A wedding table escort card can double as a backdrop for your photo booth or wedding cake, and it can be a creative way to save a guest’s seat. But don’t limit yourself to cards! You can also choose to use a mini bottle of hand sanitizer to communicate information like table number and seating. The cards can double as wedding favors, too.

Whether your reception will be in the ballroom or the garden, the escort cards will be a conversation piece, helping guests navigate the event. Guests can easily find their seats by table number or name, and can take advantage of the escort cards. You can also choose a unique design, taking inspiration from your wedding theme or love story. You can add fun floral elements, hanging installations, and nontraditional objects to the cards. The possibilities are endless!

Escort cards are often used by the bride and groom to direct guests to their tables. They should also contain information regarding the food they’ll be eating, dietary restrictions, and other relevant information. A proper escort card should be easily readable and distinguishable, and should include the couple’s first and last names and table number. These cards can be made of flat or folded paper or other materials, and double as place cards for guests.


To give your reception tables a touch of the tropics, consider tropical wedding centerpieces. Long, family-style reception tables look romantic on their own. Candleholders with pinecones and tropical leaves add a natural touch. Tall, greenery pillars command attention in a romantic way. Even white or clear glass vases with florals can make a centerpiece stand out. Decorative elements can include beads, faux ice, and river rocks.

You can choose simple, elegant, or unusual centerpieces. Use a monochromatic color palette or choose a vase that is slender and tall. You can create a centerpiece with one type of flower or an assortment of common materials. A centerpiece can also serve as a drink for your guests. You can also opt for a centerpiece made out of water with floating candles. These options are ideal if your reception will be held in a dim-lit space.

While choosing centerpieces for your wedding tables, remember that they serve as conversation starters for your guests. Guests will enjoy discussing the centerpieces they saw at the reception. To make your table centerpieces stand out, choose those that are elegant and unique. Consider using a variety of materials to create the perfect wedding table centerpiece. You can buy jars in bulk from online craft stores or rent them from florists. There are many options available.


Wedding table favors are an elegant way to commemorate your special day. These edible treats make an elegant statement on your tables. The newest trend in wedding favors is the sweet and fragrant flower-shaped candy bar. These treats come with an illustrated label that guests will love. Another option for sweet treats is an orchid tea light holder that has an elegant design and is filled with special jam. The package includes a sampler of the filling so that guests can choose which flavor best suits their personal tastes. These favors are also perfect for destination weddings because they remind your guests of the enchanting atmosphere of your wedding and help them bring good memories home.

To personalize your favors, consider creating a personalized label. Create a unique tag with the name of your wedding and your hashtag. You can also fill the bottles with something edible or drinkable that will remind guests of your wedding. Favors for wedding tables can be both useful and sentimental, depending on your budget. Once the favors have been handed out, you can send them home with them. It is important to remember that a wedding favor should be practical and sentimental.

Round or rectangular

There are several pros and cons to round or rectangular wedding tables. While round tables have a more traditional look, they can also be practical in some settings. If you’re working with a smaller space, round tables can be a great solution. Plus, they allow for larger centerpieces. However, they may not be as flexible as rectangular tables. Consider the size of your venue when choosing the right table for your wedding. Round tables are traditionally more expensive, but they are ideal for intimate settings.

A 36″ round table will seat up to four guests comfortably. A 96″ round table will seat eight guests. This style is generally not used for dinner seating, but it can be great for sweetheart tables. Round tables are also more versatile than rectangular ones, as they can be used for cocktail hour or a cake table. If you choose a 36″ round table, make sure to measure it properly. Then, measure the diameter of the tables.

Another difference between round and rectangular wedding tables is how much room they take up. Round tables can fit more people in an odd-shaped room, but they also take up more space. A rectangular table is great for socializing, but it can also get crowded if your venue has many round tables. A square table will also make it easier for guests to talk to one another. In addition, round tables are much easier to maneuver around a large space.


Square wedding tables are becoming a more popular option for small weddings and those with a limited guest list. The square tables’ extra surface area allows them to fit larger centerpieces, glassware, flatware, and dishes. They are also more versatile, working well in virtually any wedding venue. Most wedding rental companies do not stock many square tables, but there are options that work just as well. Tables with the basic square shape will typically be three feet square or four feet square. A more elaborate square table might be five feet square.

A square layout is ideal for weddings with fewer than 40 guests. The layout is more intimate and creates a feeling of one big table where guests can mingle. If you are using square tables, make sure the top table is low and centered, so guests can converse across the table and with each other. A square wedding table layout is best for smaller gatherings, but if you have a larger venue, scattered tables will look stunning.

Round table shapes are also available in a square shape. Round tables can be a little more versatile, however. Round tables have a similar effect. They look great at cocktail hours, but they may not be the most ideal choice for dinner seating. A round table can be a great sweetheart table, while a smaller round table makes a charming sweetheart table. These styles are a good choice for weddings with a small budget, but are not a good choice for larger weddings.


wedding tables

A U-shaped table is perfect for seating guests. According to the American Psychological Association, this arrangement has a head-of-the-table effect. The bride and groom sit at the center of the table while the Head of the Board, or second most important participant, sits on the sides. The guests are naturally drawn to the head of the table. In a wedding reception, the U-shaped table makes seating easy and comfortable.

This seating arrangement is ideal for smaller weddings with a smaller guest list. The U shape creates an inviting, friendly feel for guests and allows for an open plan for the presentation source. A U-shape table layout is also great for hosting bridal showers and award nights. You can also incorporate a floating centre table with cascading flowers or a lighting installation for the event. There is a great variety of table layouts, so you are sure to find one that suits your wedding theme.

In large weddings, a U-shaped table layout can help maximize space by creating a ‘U’ shape. The head table can be smaller than the others, allowing you to create a communal feel. Another advantage of a U-shaped table layout is that it’s great for long and narrow spaces. It creates a cozy atmosphere and adds a unique element to the wedding. It’s also great for weddings with fewer than 100 guests.

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