How to Host a Successful Bridal Luncheon

The bride’s bridal luncheon will be the opportunity to give her bridesmaids gifts. In some areas, you can even decide to give them a joint gift. Some brides have purchased gifts for the bridal shower and the wedding. They may also want to give their mothers a gift. The bridesmaids can also gift the mother of the bride something small. The bride will present the gifts to the bridesmaids at the luncheon, so that the mother of the bride can receive a small gift from her daughters.

bridal luncheon


You’ve decided to hold a bridal luncheon for your bridesmaids. While this event is traditionally held a day or two before the wedding, there are other ways to commemorate the occasion. You can choose to serve light fare such as finger sandwiches or salads. You may also choose to serve nonalcoholic drinks, such as champagne. You should also choose the type of bridesmaid gift to give.

A bridal luncheon is traditionally a low-key, feminine event. The guests list is typically limited to women involved in the wedding ceremony. However, the bride’s mother, maid of honor, and other bridesmaids can also attend. While the guest list is usually the same as the bridal shower, it can easily be converted into a formal dinner. You can even offer a special gift to the other attendees.


The etiquette for bridal luncheon does not follow a strict structure, and the only real rule is that boys are not allowed. The bride may also choose to include other women in her celebration, such as the mother of her groom or a close family friend. Traditionally, the bride is the only guest at a bridal luncheon, although modern brides can invite additional women. However, it is still customary for the bride to invite the maid of honor or mother of the groom.

A bridal luncheon is typically held after the wedding and is intended to thank the bridesmaids for their service. The event is also an opportunity to give gifts to those who have contributed to the bride’s wedding preparations. Although the wedding brunch is less formal, etiquette for bridal brunch includes a few specific rules about how to conduct yourself and what to wear. Listed below are some basic guidelines.


The location of your bridal luncheon is up to you. You can host it in your own home or a restaurant in town. If you’re staying in a hotel, consider the common areas of your room. The bridesmaids’ rooms are a perfect spot for a small group. Alternatively, you can use the room in which the bridesmaids are getting ready. Either way, the location is a great way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

The location for your bridal luncheon will reflect the theme of your event. You can pick a fancy restaurant for a more formal luncheon, or a more informal location for a more casual affair. Alternatively, you can choose a home or function hall. Either way, make sure that the location of your bridal luncheon complements your theme and budget. Be sure to consider the type of food and drinks you plan to serve.

Personalized invitations

If you want to send your bridesmaids the sweetest invitation possible, then choose a design with floral accents. This elegant design incorporates watercolor florals in a teapot vase, while the pink ribbon hints at a vintage hand-lettered envelope. Your bridesmaids will love their thoughtful gift – especially if it’s a beautiful mug of tea. Personalized invitations for bridal luncheon are an inexpensive way to say “thank you” to your bridesmaids.

The bridesmaid luncheon is a fun way to thank everyone involved in the wedding. This event can be formal or casual, depending on the bride and her taste. You can even send a thank-you note to those who attended. And since you’ll be receiving many thank-you cards, it’s a great idea to think up something unique to give as gifts! For example, you might consider buying a Simple Line 9×9 Flat Glass Print for your bridesmaids.


A bridal luncheon is a traditional wedding tradition. It is a time to thank bridesmaids and other wedding attendants, and it is also a great opportunity to exchange gifts. While a rehearsal dinner is a great way to thank your bridal party, a luncheon is a more formal affair. Therefore, you should consider inviting close female relatives and friends to the luncheon.

The luncheon is generally a time for key women in the bride’s life to meet and socialize. The guest list for a bridal luncheon should include the bride, all bridesmaids, the flower girl and her mother. Other women you may choose to invite are the bride’s mother, maid of honor, sister, and grandmother. Once you have a guest list, you can begin planning for the luncheon.

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