How to Make Your Wedding Kiss a Memorable One

If you’re planning a romantic wedding kiss with your partner, there are a few tips that will make the whole experience as perfect as possible. Listed below are some things you should keep in mind while giving your partner a mouth-to-mouth kiss. These include Body language, Hand positioning, the Bookend technique, and the appropriate use of lipstick. You’ll have an easier time making your partner fall in love with you after your kiss.

Body language

Couples should practice body language during a wedding kiss to appear more passionate and romantic in photographs. This means avoiding the awkward tongue in the mouth look. When approaching each other, the couple should make eye contact, smile, and slowly approach each other. In addition, the couple should avoid looking nervous during the kiss. Below are a few tips to help you make the most romantic kiss of your life. You’ll be surprised by how important your body language is during your wedding day.

Wills and Kate have made an impressive couple – and are a perfect example of how to be romantic and attentive. According to Lillian Glass, a contributing writer to Cosmo, the couple’s balcony kiss was a perfect example of how body language can help you make the most of the moment. This is because the couple’s body language is a reflection of their relationship, and a kiss with a person’s partner is bound to make both of them feel special.

Despite Meghan Markle’s flirty attitude with Prince Harry, Kate Middleton’s wedding day kiss sounded very different than Prince William’s. Both men stood shoulder to shoulder when they kissed, while Kate leans in and accepts his kiss. As soon as they kissed, the bride’s body language changed dramatically. A couple should avoid overly staged kisses, as overly planned and choreographed kisses can be overbearing and awkward.

Hand positioning

The best way to ensure that your wedding kiss is a picture-perfect moment is to practice. Before the big day, both of you should practice your first kiss, including hand positioning. After all, your wedding kiss is one of the most important moments of your life. Here are some tips on hand positioning that will help you give each other a picture-perfect kiss. Also, practice keeping your eyes closed and holding your position. You can practice with each other before the big day and use a timer on your camera to capture your precious moment.

Ideally, the kiss should begin with each partner’s face facing the camera, but you should never hinge at the waist to make sure the lips are locked. You should also get a comfortable distance before attempting the kiss, which may require that you meet on your tiptoes. You can practice hand positioning for your wedding kiss beforehand by thinking about how you want to present yourself. Listed below are some popular hand placements:

Keep your arms close to the person you are kissing, but not too close. This can make the kiss uncomfortable and will likely result in a resounding boo-boo. The kiss should feel natural and not forced. Also, avoid putting your hand on the person’s neck – this will only make the kiss awkward. If you’re nervous about doing this, you can consider trying an impromptu kiss – make sure that it is something the two of you can do together, not separately.

Bookend technique

The Bookend technique is a popular way to capture the first kiss, and for good reason. Using this technique will help you capture the kiss in a more intimate way, and it will also make it easier for photographers to get a better view of the couple. The wedding kiss is a moment in which newlyweds can’t wait to celebrate. Here are some tips for capturing this special moment:

Before beginning the kiss, remember that you’re kissing two different people who have different feelings. As a result, it’s important to discuss how you feel about the kiss beforehand, and try to simulate this in practice. Practice makes perfect, so try to find out how you feel about the kiss as a couple. It’s also important to consider the length of the kiss and the direction of head movement during the kiss.


Choosing a lip colour for your wedding day can be a daunting task. The right colour can make or break the day, so it’s crucial to pick one that will stand up to kisses. However, there are some tips to choosing the right lipstick that will help you make the most of your day. A bold lip is a great way to make a big impact on your big day! Follow these tips from Antonia Basile and feel confident in your choice of lip colour!

The formula of Wedding Kiss Lipstick by Revlon is creamy and leaves a glossy red glaze on your lips. It glides on velvety smooth and is easy to apply. Despite the glossy finish, this formula leaves no stickiness and requires zero skill to apply. It is available in other shades, too, if red is not your thing. It is also available in other colors, so you can get the perfect look for any occasion.

It’s important to apply lip-liner, concealer, and foundation before applying lipstick to make sure your lips are prepared for the occasion. Also, consider using a lip base (available from cosmetic companies) to ensure that your lipstick is kiss-proof. When applying the lipstick, the bride should blot her lips with a tissue before applying the lip-liner. Finally, she should spritz her lips with setting spray to lock in the color.

Practice kisses

wedding kiss

When it comes to practicing your wedding kisses, the more you practice, the better. It will help you to avoid the cringy first kiss and make your big day even more special. If you have time, you should practice kissing each other before the ceremony so that you can nail the moment. You should also practice kissing at different locations before your wedding to get the hang of it. By following these tips, you’ll have the perfect wedding kiss.

When practicing wedding kisses, make sure you think about the feelings of your key guests. Keep in mind that you are introducing two new families and cultures into one. Guests may not be accustomed to the style of ceremony, so you’ll want to keep it casual. The groom should remember that a wedding kiss is not the same as making out with his bride, so he should practice with his new partner as much as possible.

Another tip is to practice holding hands. Practice holding your partner’s hand, and pull in to kiss. You should try to keep your eyes open as you kiss. The photographer will be able to get a good frame for the shot if you hold on for a long enough time. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing the shot. Practice wedding kisses before your wedding so you’ll be more comfortable. It also helps to learn the type of kiss you want to share.

Keeping it PG-rated

It’s important to keep your kiss PG-rated during a wedding, because there are likely to be family members, elderly relatives, and even young cousins watching. You don’t want to slobber or use your tongue, which could scandalize your grandmother or ruin your wedding moment with a screaming “ew!”

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