How to Reset Engagement Ring Settings

A reset engagement ring may be the perfect option for you if your ring was passed down through family generations. It represents generations of family heritage and is likely to have a special meaning for your significant other. This article will discuss how to reset a solitaire or halo engagement ring and make the changes necessary to fit the new stone. Also, it will show you how to change to a bezel setting. It all begins with the stone’s shape and size.

Solitaire setting

There are many reasons why you might want to change the setting of your engagement ring. A solitaire setting accentuates the beauty of a diamond, while a halo setting focuses on the overall size of the stone. For example, a solitaire setting is perfect for a flawless diamond. If you’re looking for a simple setting that will still look beautiful, consider a halo.

While resetting your engagement ring is often done to save money, it can damage your heirloom stone. It can also be a risky procedure, especially if the stone is an heirloom. Still, it may be cheaper than buying a new one. The costs of a reset engagement ring depend on the specific type of setting you’d like to change and the type of stone you’d like to change.

Halo setting

While you might think the center stone is the most important part of your engagement ring, a halo setting can make it appear much larger than it actually is. This design creates a sparkle around the center stone by increasing the surface area of the smaller stones. The smaller stones also add a lot of sparkle to the overall look of the ring. This can really help put the spotlight on your center stone.

A halo setting can be hidden to give your ring a subtle, understated look. While they can be more expensive than other ring settings, hidden halo settings mimic the look of a solitaire. However, they are also more difficult to resize and can have additional risks, such as snagging on clothing and scratching on clothing. Hidden halo settings are also harder to clean than standard halo settings, as the additional stones can fall out of the ring.

Upgrading to a larger stone

If your budget allows it, you may want to upgrade your engagement ring to a larger stone. The upgrade process is usually simpler than changing the size of the diamond. In most cases, the size of a diamond doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the stone. For instance, a shallow cut diamond will look much different than a deep cut diamond. Another important factor to consider is the type of stone. A larger stone will also look much more expensive.

reset engagement ring

If you want to upgrade your engagement ring to a larger stone, you have a few options. One option is to start from scratch. This may sound terrifying when you are thinking of a cherished adornment. Another option is to repurpose the stone and keep the original setting. You can then wear the ring as a cocktail ring or pass it down in the family. In the end, upgrading your engagement ring will make your woman happy, and your engagement will be forever.

Changing to a bezel setting

Choosing a bezel setting for your engagement ring can be an excellent way to show off your gemstone. Not only will this style highlight your ring’s beauty, but it will also protect it. It is the preferred setting for gemstones with a hardness rating below seven. A bezel setting is also more secure than a prong setting. However, be aware of the risks associated with bezel settings.

One downside to bezel settings is that they distort the true color of the stone. The metal surrounding the gem can also affect the color. Some transparent stones have their color affected by the metal’s tone. Silver and platinum are light-weight metals that tend to brighten your jewelry and increase its perceived value. For this reason, be sure to carefully consider the type of metal your fiance-to-be will prefer.

Adding colored gems

Adding coloured gems to a diamond-set engagement ring is a great way to give a ring instant drama. Aside from diamonds, colored gems can be used to set the gemstone of an anniversary or milestone in the ring. In some cases, it may be more practical to add colored gems to a peg-set ring than a diamond-set one.

The process of resetting a diamond is relatively simple. You can design a new ring using computer-aided design or a handcrafted model. First, bring in your old ring so the jeweler can measure it. Once the jeweler has measured it, he or she will cast the new ring with the proper amount of space for the diamond and its side stones. Then, he or she will replace the prongs so that the diamond is set correctly.

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