Is Teen Mom 2 Star Chelsea Houska Pregnant

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska was pregnant when she got engaged, but she had all of her attention on her upcoming wedding to actor Justin Theroux. Her daughter, Aubree, was just seven years old at the time, and she revealed her favorite part of the wedding planning process was when her daughter chose the dress. The wedding was the focus of the season 2 premiere of her show, Teen Mom 2.

chelsea houska’s pregnancy

A recent article claiming that Houska was pregnant popped up on Amber Portwood’s Facebook page. It cited an article from Celebuzz and an Instagram Q&A with Houska in July. While many fans were skeptical, Houska was able to clarify the rumors in an interview with MTV’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” in August. She also revealed that she was indeed pregnant with her third child.

While the pregnancy news was exciting for fans, Chelsea Houska did not divulge many details about the upcoming birth. She did, however, reveal that the baby would be a girl. The birth date has been pushed back until the end of August, which means that the baby will likely arrive in September. Chelsea and Cole are likely living an ordinary life and do not need any more drama. And since Chelsea Houska is already a mother, her pregnancy announcement is the perfect way to show that her love and support have been reciprocated.

Unlike her co-stars, Houska is much more private about her personal life. She often admits that she was embarrassed and scared when fans started knocking at her door. Although her children are very special to her, she does prioritize her family’s safety and privacy above all else. Despite her recent departure from her primary source of income, Houska seems to be doing well with her parenting and her new family.

chelsea houska’s second wedding

After her whirlwind romance with Cole DeBoer, Chelsea Houska has married again. The pair tied the knot on Oct. 7 surrounded by family and friends. The happy couple posted photos on social media after the ceremony. Despite their recent marriage, the couple has kept a low-key, intimate wedding. Houska wore a bohemian lace wedding dress and a flower crown.

The couple shared a number of pictures and videos from the big day on Snapchat. The bride’s dress is a modern one with vintage lace on the train, a design that matches her hairstyle and Chelsea’s wedding gown. A bride’s dress should be a reflection of her personality, and this one reflects her sense of style. Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are a lovely pair.

The couple is now parents to two children: Aubree and Watson. Paislee, the daughter of Houska’s ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, attended the ceremony with the bride. Watson, who was born on Aug. 29, is also the daughter of Houska’s ex-boyfriend. The newlyweds’ parents are said to be very happy with the couple’s love.

After the couple’s first marriage, the new couple is getting ready to tie the knot. A second wedding is in the cards for the couple and they have two kids together. They got married in October 2016, but they have not yet announced a date for the third. The couple is now in their mid-thirties and their third child is on the way. A new baby boy will be born next year.

chelsea houska’s engagement

It looks like the Teen Mom 2 stars are finally getting married. Chelsea Houska revealed that she has gotten engaged to boyfriend Cole DeBoer in a recent Instagram post. Houska, who shares custody of daughter Aubree with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, revealed the details of her romantic proposal. She also shared that she and DeBoer met at a gas station. Their relationship first started in August 2014, when they met and began dating.

Although the couple met on the set of Teen Mom 2, the show was not aired during their engagement. While fans have questioned whether their wedding will be televised, Chelsea answered yes. The couple has not yet publicly announced the date of their wedding, but they plan to wed in early October of this year in South Dakota. As of this writing, Houska has shared some adorable engagement pictures on her Instagram account.

The two started dating online and fell in love. After a month or two, Chelsea was spotted at a gas station by Cole. Cole later proposed to Chelsea Houska, announcing their engagement a few days after. However, they later broke up. The relationship has since gotten back on track and they are now engaged. Unlike Adam and Chelsea, Aubree Houska has been spotted in the gas station several times by the former couple.

chelsea houska’s wedding dress

The stunning bride in a white lace gown, Chelsea Houska, is pregnant and the first look at her new wedding dress has left fans in awe. The newlyweds were married in October 2016 and celebrated a year of marriage this week. The happy couple spent the day with friends and family, while also attending a special event for the new parents. Chelsea Houska’s wedding dress made her look just like a Barbie doll.

The price of Chelsea’s wedding dress was reported to be $3,000, and the reception cost another $3,000. Her reception was cancelled one year later because her fiance gave birth to their daughter, Watson. Although the wedding was delayed one year, the new bride has already revealed a little about her new husband. In her new wedding video, she asks devoin to help her get ready. She also reveals that she and her fiance are enjoying the honeymoon.

According to the couple’s social media accounts, Chelsea purchased her wedding gown in Minneapolis. It was later revealed that she bought the dress from L’atelier Couture, a Minneapolis-based bridal boutique. While there’s no word on whether Chelsea bought her gown online, she did post a picture of it. In the photos, the bride wore an ivory or nude wedding dress. The bride’s wedding dress is described as a short-sleeved, A-line dress with ties on the shoulders.

chelsea houska’s wedding flip book

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is back on the show after getting married. She’s shared a priceless image from the moment she met her future husband, Cole DeBoer, at the altar. She also opened up about the story of her first kiss with her now-husband. In an interview with E! News, she also revealed her favorite part of wedding planning – helping her seven-year-old daughter Aubree choose the perfect outfit.

The wedding was held at the cabin of Houska’s father, Randy, near the Lewis and Clark Lake in eastern South Dakota. The couple asked friends and family members not to post pictures, and the ceremony remained private. This may have been an intentional decision, but Chelsea and Cole made sure their wedding flip book is filled with personal photos of their big day. It shows the love the couple shares and the special day they celebrated.

Teen Mom 2 fans are eagerly awaiting the wedding details of Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer. The two got engaged last November, but her volatile relationship with Adam Lind has overshadowed his appearance on the show. This has left many fans and followers wondering what they can expect from the couple. The show has been a great distraction, but Cole DeBoer has not appeared as much as expected.

chelsea houska’s marriage to Cole DeBoer

While Chelsea Houska’s marriage to Cole DeBoer is in the spotlight, other aspects of their life remain a mystery. The couple married in 2016, but the courtship ended abruptly, and it is unclear what their future holds. The two share two children – Aubree Skye, age 11, and Watson, four – and are currently fighting a $3 million lawsuit.

chelsea houska wedding

Chelsea and Cole met at a gas station in South Dakota and began dating in 2014. At the time, Chelsea was a single mother of a daughter named Aubree, and she was living with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind. After falling in love with Cole, she ended her relationship with Lind and was soon dating Cole. In July 2015, she gushed to Us Weekly about her new husband, saying she wanted to marry him.

The couple recently tied the knot in a quiet South Dakota ceremony. Cole and Chelsea met at a South Dakota gas station, and they went on to date for seven years. After getting engaged, the couple had a baby girl named Aubree. The couple also welcomed a son, Watson, in January. The happy couple’s marriage is a testament to the love between them. Despite the rumors of a split, Chelsea and Cole are still open to the idea of filming a reality show.

After being married for two years, Chelsea and Cole DeBoer welcomed their first child, Watson, in 2017. They welcomed a second baby, Layne, in August 2018. Their relationship has since been a source of gossip in the media. As for the children, Chelsea and Cole are happily married. Their new baby has also brought about a lot of excitement to fans. And, with children in the mix, their happiness is even greater.

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