Lingerie Showers

If you love sexy underwear, lingerie showers are an excellent choice for a bride-to-be’s upcoming wedding. Guests are asked to bring sexy gifts, including undergarments, slinky robes, and massage oils. The sexy theme makes for a more laid-back atmosphere than the traditional shower. Depending on the bride’s attitude and taste, this type of shower can be more intimate than other shower themes.

Developing a signature drink for a lingerie party

Creating a lingerie party cocktail is one of the most fun aspects of throwing a lingerie shower. This party is different than a bridal shower or a bachelorette party, and the women closest to the bride often give gifts of lingerie to the guests. Instead of a traditional bridal shower gift exchange, lingerie showers are more relaxed and informal. While the guests are still expected to dress comfortably, you can encourage them to bring pajamas or similar attire. Either way, they will have a great time.

The lingerie party cocktail can be a classic cocktail, mocktail, or mocktail. You can use the bride’s favorite mixed drink or a recipe from a mixology book to come up with your own unique drink. Choose a fun and memorable name for your signature drink, and serve it in a festive glass. Wedding Chicks offers a list of cocktail recipes for lingerie showers and bachelorette parties.

Developing a lingerie shower invitation

Developing a lingerie shower invitation can be a bit tricky. The bride should be sure to invite only her closest friends and family members, and this party will be filled with erotic and sexy gifts. To avoid awkward moments, consider putting the bride’s preferred sizes on the invitation. In case guests do not know the bride’s size, suggest a few options and suggest where to find them.

If you are planning on combining a lingerie shower with a bachelorette party, make sure to send out the invitations at the same time. The shower itself can be a separate event, and a more elegant evening setting is ideal. The bride is also in charge of choosing the guest list, so don’t forget to ask her who she’d like to invite. You can also combine the shower with a bachelorette party, as long as guests aren’t obligated to purchase gifts for both parties.

Setting up a lingerie shower in a private garden

For a romantic setting, consider setting up a secluded garden for a lingerie shower. A private garden allows you to invite all your closest friends and family members, while also giving everyone the opportunity to see the lingerie in person. The location is especially romantic if you are planning a lingerie party for the bride-to-be.

The party can be a fun time for everyone, especially after some alcohol. Make sure to plan snacks and drinks for guests to munch on as they enjoy the lingerie. Try serving finger foods like fruit trays, veggie trays, and chips and dips. You can also have mini quiches and desserts, or you can even make a themed cake.

Serving breakfast at a lingerie party

Catering to guests’ senses is important for a successful lingerie party. Food plays a crucial role in the hospitality process because it motivates people to engage. This is especially true when the party is themed, which calls for special foods to accompany the lingerie. Serving breakfast at a lingerie party is a simple, yet effective way to make the event a success. Here are a few ideas for creating a delicious and memorable spread for a lingerie party.

The first step is to invite guests. Send invitations to the lingerie party at least a month before the date of the shower. Be sure to include RSVP dates and important information. Some brides-to-be choose to open their gifts later. Other ideas for bridal shower games are to play guessing games, lingerie bingo, and tip exchange. If the party is going to be held the night before the wedding, choose a time when everyone can stay late and still attend the lingerie party.

Developing a lingerie shower game

lingerie party

The guests at the lingerie shower must purchase a pair of sexy underwear in the bride’s size and a $1 scratch-off lottery ticket. When they arrive, place the panties and ticket in a basket. The guests must then open each bag one at a time. The first person to scratch off the ticket gets to keep the panties, while the second person has to wear the sexy underwear over their clothes. The person who guesses correctly gets to keep the panties.

In a similar vein, a lingerie-themed game can be developed. A lingerie-themed ping-pong game can be adapted from the traditional Musical Chairs. The game involves passing a gift from person to person while the music plays. The person who receives the gift must unwrap the layers one by one, modeling the underwear as the music stops. The objective is to make the guests laugh.

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