Modern and Contemporary Double Band Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for a modern and contemporary ring for your engagement, a double band may be the ideal choice. These rings feature a modern style with subtle details. Alternatively, you can go for something more traditional. Regardless of what your style is, there are several styles to choose from that combine classic and modern elements. Below you will find some examples of different double band styles and how to choose the best one for your engagement ring.


Modern and bold, double-band engagement rings are a great way to show off your love and commitment to your partner. They can be split or merged into a double shank, and can also come with curved band designs. These rings also make great gifts and allow you to create a stunning bridal stack. When buying an engagement ring, look for one with a trade-in policy. In addition to the traditional diamond engagement ring, you can find a variety of gemstones that look beautiful in these styles. Opal and pearl are two popular stones that look modern and fresh with a double band.

To choose a ring that suits your partner, it is important to choose the shape and stone cut. Also, check the metal and stone carat. Make sure that the size of the ring matches the style of the wedding ring. Styles of double band engagement ring vary widely, so you should take the time to compare prices and styles. The style and materials will depend on your budget. Once you know your budget, you can begin shopping!

double band engagement ring


A double band engagement ring is a contemporary style that looks amazing on any woman. Some styles are merged into one single shank, while others have the bands split at the back. They may also be curved. A buyer at Shane Co. Jewelry explains how to buy and keep a double band engagement ring. The style of the ring is ultimately up to her. Regardless of the choice, double band engagement rings will make her feel beautiful and show her love.

The double band engagement ring is popular for its unusual band. A pear-shaped diamond is one such stone, which plays well with platinum. The platinum double band is wrapped in small diamonds that are less than a tenth of a carat. It leads to a round diamond that is less than half a carat in size. The diamond’s natural brilliance plays nicely with the platinum color of the band.


A double-band engagement ring is one with two bands, instead of one. The bands are joined together so that the ring appears to be multiple rings stacked one on top of the other. There are several different styles and sizes of this type of ring, and the double band is available in many metals and stones. It is important to note that this ring style is not exclusive to women. However, it is considered to be a modern choice by many women.

When selecting the size of a double band engagement ring, consider your budget. A ring that is too thin will not last as long, and it may not support a large stone. Thin bands may move when the stone is placed in them. In addition, thinner bands are also difficult to create certain design features on the band due to their small surface area. The right thickness of the band will depend on the size of the stone, so keep in mind the total carat weight and the number of stones.


There are several materials that you can use for making your engagement ring. Stainless steel rings are an option if you want to save on costs. This metal is readily available and is inexpensive compared to other metals. It is also virtually stain and corrosion-resistant. Another benefit is that it is softer, making it easy to form into a variety of shapes. Yellow gold and white silver also have their place in the contemporary metals category.

One way to choose a material for your ring is to consider the shape and style of your wedding band and engagement ring. Double bands make a unique and eye-catching bridal stack. A pear-shaped diamond is a popular choice because it has natural brilliance and plays well with the platinum color of the band. Platinum double bands are also wrapped in micro-pave diamonds, which are less than 0.01% carats. These diamonds are set on either side of a large oval diamond.

Placement of diamonds

A double band engagement ring is a style that can feature any type of diamond cut. Double band rings can be made with round, princess, oval, marquise, or cushion cuts. They can also feature Asscher, radiant, or heart-shaped diamonds. Regardless of the style, double bands are perfect for stacking rings. For a unique look, choose a diamond with a center stone that is surrounded by small diamonds on either side.

While some diamond-centric engagement rings use unusually-cut stones, other rings focus on the placement of individual stones. For instance, a woman might want her center stone to be elevated. The reason for this is often to improve light performance from all angles. Additionally, it increases the appearance of size. Similarly, a woman might want to wear her engagement ring on the inside finger instead of the outside.

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