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The Oheka Castle is a French-inspired suburban estate in Huntington, New York, and the second largest private residence in the United States. The Oheka Castle wedding cost varies depending on the market season. A wedding at the castle could cost upwards of $14,000 if you plan it for the peak season of June and July. However, if you plan your wedding at this prestigious location in January or March, the fee will be significantly lower.

oheka castle is a prestigious wedding venue

If you are looking for a luxurious venue to hold your wedding, look no further than Oheka Castle. This prestigious wedding venue has been featured in movies and TV shows, including the prestigious Citizen Kane. The castle is home to 32 elegant rooms and is on the National Register of Historic Places. You’ll appreciate its upscale services and exclusive feel, which make it one of the most popular wedding venues in the country. The castle is still home to its developer, and you can see him dining in the hotel’s restaurant.

Couples can get married outdoors or in the gardens, with a beautiful ceremony in the formal gardens. There is an indoor backup room for those with inclement weather. In addition, the venue has a grand ballroom, a formal dining room, and more, if the weather is bad. In addition, couples can choose an indoor ceremony if the weather turns sour. Oheka Castle is a prestigious wedding venue that only books one wedding per day.

Located in Long Island, the Oheka Castle is the premier venue for weddings of high society. Its ambiance is inspired by a French chateau, and you can experience world-class service and cuisine, while soaking up the rich American history of the region. Oheka Castle is the only chateau venue on Long Island and has been a luxurious wedding location for more than a century.

The Oheka Castle is located in Cold Spring Harbor, a small town on Long Island’s north shore. The castle is surrounded by the prestigious Cold Spring Country Club, an 18-hole golf course that’s open to guests. This picturesque town has a LIRR station a five or ten-minute drive away. It’s also surrounded by residential neighborhoods. The castle has been a popular destination for many celebrity weddings.

It costs $100,000

If you’re interested in getting married at one of New York’s most beautiful wedding venues, Oheka Castle is the place to go. It’s been voted #1 Most Unforgettable Wedding Venue on WE TV. The castle was also the setting for Taylor Swift’s music video “Blank Space”. While you’re at Oheka Castle, you may as well tour the property.

This castle is expensive. Guests will be expected to shell out a whopping $100,000 to get married there. While the actual castle isn’t cheap, the grounds are absolutely stunning. You’ll have access to a large dancing floor and a piano, and you’ll get security as well. However, you’ll need to arrange for valet parking if you’d like to hold your reception at the castle. If you’re planning a wedding during the week, the castle will have discounts, which you can take advantage of.

You’ll find plenty of other wedding venues in New York, but you’ll have to pay a lot to tie the knot at Oheka Castle. This venue has been transformed into an elegant, picture-perfect wedding venue. In fact, the Castle was filmed for the Blank Space video, which aired in January 2017. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s always Shake It Off, which is filmed at the castle daily.

While the wedding ceremony at Oheka Castle is a fairytale wedding, some guests question how much money the couple has spent on it. But in reality, you could easily pay two or three times that much. And with the venue’s impeccable grounds and world-class catering, a lavish wedding at Oheka Castle is an extravagant experience. So, if you’re on the lookout for an elegant, historic wedding, consider this venue.

It accommodates 36 guests

The Oheka Castle is one of Long Island’s premier wedding venues, combining European-inspired architecture and gardens with stately fountains and general charm. The venue is perfectly suited for small-scale gatherings as well as elaborate affairs, and the elegant ballroom and stately fountains provide stunning drama for any occasion. The castle also has a full-service catering service and beautifully manicured grounds. To book a wedding at Oheka Castle, contact us today!

The Oheka Castle accommodates up to 36 guests and offers an overnight suite. For your reception, you can choose from a variety of meal options and a four-hour reception. The castle offers a full bar and white-glove service, as well as a wedding cake. The venue also offers one wedding a day, which means that you’ll be able to have a full celebration for a maximum of 36 guests.

It does not provide a wedding planner

The Oheka Castle does not provide a designated wedding coordinator. This is because they book only one wedding a day. Regardless, they will assign a wedding event attendant to oversee the wedding day’s festivities. While the event attendant will not oversee the entire wedding, they will help the happy couple plan the day’s details. Oheka Castle also offers a wedding cake creator. The castle has extensive rooms and beautiful gardens, so your guests will have a relaxing stay.

The Oheka Castle hotel and estate has a beautiful, historic estate located in Huntington, New York. It features spacious rooms, a beautiful restaurant, and a formal garden. Inclement weather can make the gardens inaccessible, so if rain threatens, the wedding can be moved inside. Weddings at the castle can cost between $20K and $40,000, but there are upgrades available to help you plan the day’s festivities.

oheka castle wedding cost

If you plan to hire a wedding planner, it is essential to make an appointment well in advance. Depending on the size of the group, you may want to consider a wedding planner to help you with the details of the event. Although the Oheka Castle does not offer wedding planners, you may wish to consider hiring one. The castle provides several room options, excellent catering, and manicured grounds.

The Oheka Castle wedding venue is wheelchair accessible, and is a great option for those with limited mobility. Located in the Hamptons, this historic mansion has a convenient location near New York City and is accessible by wheelchair. The venue costs around $ 14,000 for a reception, which includes five hours of event time. If you want to spend less, a wedding planner will be worth every penny.

The Oheka Castle Hotel & Estate has an exceptional history that can make for a romantic wedding. Its owner is working to delay the mortgage deadline so that the hotel can add more time for planning. Wedding planners can also recommend an excellent catering company for your special day. The staff at the Oheka Castle Hotel does not provide a wedding planner, but they can recommend a list of other vendors.

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