Planning a Desert Wedding

When planning a desert wedding, the first thing you’ll need is a plan for high winds and rain. While it’s unlikely to see rain in the desert, you definitely don’t want to have a windy ceremony in the middle of the day. Check out the weather forecasts to ensure you’ll be able to plan your ceremony based on the weather forecast. Here are some other tips to consider before booking a desert wedding venue:

Navajo textiles

Incorporating Navajo textiles into your desert wedding is an excellent idea for bringing a touch of Native American culture to your big day. In addition to Navajo textiles for your wedding invitations, you can also use the motifs of horses, cacti, and mountains in your decor. Lastly, you can incorporate natural elements like geodes and crystals into your desert wedding decorations.

Navajo wedding baskets are made from willow and often have a traditional red, black, and white pattern. The black part represents darkness and clouds that bring rain. The white portion represents the sacred mountains, with either four or six points. The white area outside the design represents the dawn, and the red part symbolizes the sun, which gives life to humans. Traditionally, the basket is passed from one guest to another, as is the tradition.

When selecting a Navajo blanket, you must consider its age and the era from which it was made. Navajo blankets are made of cotton, but wool blankets were more popular in the nineteenth century as traders preferred it because it was warmer. The geometric pattern in a Navajo basket was also embraced by European buyers. The quality “tells” of a Navajo blanket or basket are subtler than those in jewelry. You can purchase a modest version for under a thousand dollars, and a high end blanket can cost several hundred dollars.


Succulents are the perfect way to dress up a desert wedding. A succulent tablescape makes a beautiful centerpiece, and the green, earth-friendly plants add texture and dimension to a neutral bouquet. The Tucson desert inspired the overall look of the wedding, including the succulent-themed cake. A succulent cocktail makes for an elegant, eco-friendly drink, and the plants provide a refreshing respite from the hot desert air.

When choosing flowers for your desert wedding, make sure to choose those that are drought-tolerant, as succulents are drought-resistant and look wonderful even in dry climates. Succulents are a modern take on traditional wedding flowers. You can also give guests a fun parting gift, such as a succulent planter or mini cacti. They will love receiving a unique planter or bouquet from you, which will make a great conversation starter.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider succulents as decorations. You can combine a succulent boutonniere with a hair accessory that tucks into an elegant updo. Succulents also make beautiful table numbers and aisle decor. And because they’re inexpensive, you can afford many of them. Succulents are an elegant way to decorate a desert wedding on a tight budget.


Herbs for your wedding reception are a perfect way to continue the theme you’ve set in the ceremony. Your guests will appreciate the scents and beauty of your flowers up close. Before the party, arrange fresh herb leaves on dinner plates. Choose herbs that will hold up without water and look lush without being overly dry. Herbs are also a great way to dress up your bridal party table. Read on for more ideas.

Adding color to your desert wedding is easy. Consider edible flowers. Try sage tips and small rosebuds, or chamomile flowers. Small stems poked into the frosting will last for several hours, and you can also add herb corsages to side tables. These flowers are not only beautiful, but they can also be delicious! You can use herbs to color your desert wedding. Try contrasting bright colors with gold and white for your wedding flowers.

Herbs for a desert wedding are the perfect way to add color and symbolism to your celebration. The scent of caraway seeds is thought to protect lovers from straying, so try to place a handful in each guest’s breast pocket. Also, use dried herbs to add to bird seed mixture. Birdseed is often used instead of rice. Herbs like lavender, mint, and fennel are said to symbolize devotion, loyalty, and strength. There are many different herbs used for weddings, so consider how much you want to use in your ceremony.


Creating an eucalyptus for desert wedding is one of the easiest ways to create a beautiful and memorable day. Instead of using real trees, the bride can use eucalyptus vines, which cascade from her bouquet. A gorgeous centerpiece of eucalyptus and garden roses is sure to be a conversation piece. This unique style can be carried out on many different levels, including your reception space and your bouquet.

Greenery is quickly gaining popularity at weddings, and the natural look of eucalyptus is perfect for any theme or color scheme. Eucalyptus is widely available and comes in many different species. It is also relatively affordable, and is a popular choice for greenery. While eucalyptus doesn’t look like much, it can make a huge statement on your wedding day.

Silver dollar eucalyptus can be used as a table runner, and is a perfect accent for your cake or photo booth backdrop. You can also use leaves from eucalyptus as aisle markers or for your guest book table. They also make for elegant welcome statements, and they can be used as confetti toss. The possibilities are endless! You can make your wedding decorations as unique as you wish.

White flowers

The setting of a desert wedding evokes magic. Without flowers, it would be a magical ceremony with the sky as your backdrop. You can even choose to have a starry sky wedding without flowers. If you’re not up for flowers, you can opt for desert-friendly plants. Depending on the location, you can choose between California poppy and desert marigold or you can even use air plants. In addition to flowers, you can also consider using succulents and succulent planters as parting gifts.

Roses and peonies are traditional wedding-worthy blooms that look stunning in white. Orchids and protea add volume and contrast to a rose bouquet. White daisies and lilies are also stunning. You can use flowers that are in season, or choose subtle hues to complement a desert setting. You can also choose seasonal blooms like ranunculus or dahlias.

If you’re having a desert wedding, choose desert-friendly blooms. White blooms add a burst of color and texture to any bouquet. Succulents will add a bold structure to the bouquet while lush roses will add a burst of color. If you’re having a ceremony in the desert, you might consider an airy white bouquet with lots of dried flowers and blooms.


Adding bandanas to your wedding will add a western feel and a pop of color to your tables. For your centerpieces, use prickly pear cactus pads or other unique textiles. Broken terracotta pots are a unique way to create unique table numbers. For more desert wedding ideas, visit Here are some tips for planning your wedding.

desert wedding

Dress comfortably. Unlike a traditional wedding, a desert wedding requires comfortable shoes. A traditional wedding veil is not a must, but it is highly recommended to avoid exposing your face to the sand. You can also wear hair vines and feather headpieces. Depending on the desert, you can also choose to wear colorful hair pieces. Be creative! The desert is a beautiful place to tie the knot!

Make your wedding stand out. Decorative items that have an authentic desert feel include terra cotta dishes. Faux bull skulls are also a beautiful choice for your aisle decorations. Alternatively, you could paint bull skulls with your wedding colors. Don’t forget to include rustic bells on your wedding furniture. Rustic bells, wooden arrows, and even bull’s skulls can add an interesting touch to your wedding. For extra flair, consider using wooden arrows as signs.

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