Planning a Lesbian Wedding

You’ve finally decided to get married and have a lesbian wedding. But where do you start? Here are some ideas for a lesbian wedding:

Same-sex ceremony

When you’re arranging a same-sex ceremony at a lesbian wedding, don’t forget to inform your vendors early on. The vendors will likely welcome your input and welcome early communication. For example, in a straight-sex wedding, a photographer may focus on the bride, but for a lesbian wedding, a second photographer might be more appropriate. A bride’s best friend can serve as a best man.

A traditional lesbian wedding can still incorporate some religious traditions and readings. Religious readings, such as the wedding vows, can also be incorporated into the ceremony. In this case, you can choose to incorporate readings from sacred texts or other religious sources. Similarly, a non-religious ceremony can be a simple and heartfelt event, and the vows can be tailored to fit the setting.

Gender-neutral ceremony

Planning a lesbian or transgender wedding? If so, you should consider having a gender-neutral ceremony. Whether the ceremony is held at your home, at a public event, or in a religious setting, there are several ways to keep the proceedings gender-neutral. Here are a few tips. The term “fiance” is gender-neutral. It’s used after a couple has married, and is similar to “newlywed.”

A gender-neutral ceremony will allow you to avoid traditional wedding phrases and traditions, which can make the ceremony more exclusive and less centered on either sex. By following these tips, you can create a ceremony that reflects your personality, values, and beliefs. You may even want to include quotes that reflect your relationship with your partner if you’re a lesbian. Just make sure to choose readings that are gender-neutral and same-sex, so that your guests can relate to the text.

Traditional ceremony

lesbian wedding

A traditional ceremony for a lesbian wedding can be very different from a heterosexual one. Lesbians and gay men often don’t have the support of their family members, so they often opt for symbolic weddings. A traditional lesbian wedding will include readings that focus on equality and love, such as a blessing or a commitment ceremony. A traditional lesbian wedding will likely be a one-of-a-kind celebration, involving a rabbis or a community member.

Grooms are increasingly carrying bouquets, and are opting to wear flower-adorned headpieces as part of their traditional lesbian wedding ceremonies. Grooms can also wear their own flowers to dress up for the wedding photos. Grooms are also shunning the traditional ritual of spending the night before the wedding with the guys or the gals, and are now opting for a more intimate setting like an all-inclusive dinner.

Non-traditional ceremony

When planning your lesbian wedding, you may be wondering about the non-traditional wedding ceremony. After all, most gay and lesbian couples today are bankrolling their own wedding. Although some backlash might be in order, it’s important to remember that your relationship is most important. You can choose to skip traditional wedding traditions and have a local wedding, civil ceremony, or elopement. In any case, keep your love for each other central and celebrate your union with the people who matter most.

You can choose an outdoor venue, or have a small, intimate wedding. Then, let your guests mingle before the ceremony. Or, hire an old-time crier to announce the non-traditional lesbian wedding ceremony. Let the bride and groom lead the way and speak a few words to your guests. After all, that’s a more intimate setting than a church. But whatever your choice of venue, your wedding will be truly unique and personal.

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