Savannah Guthrie’s Wedding Ring is Back in Upstate New York

For a few days now, Savannah Guthrie has been without her wedding ring. Some fans have speculated that the star and her husband, Michael Feldman, are splitting up. But the truth is far more simple than that: Guthrie left her wedding ring behind in upstate New York. The reality star’s source clarified that he did not leave it, and that the rumors were unfounded.

savannah wedding ring

Fortunately, the couple has reunited and the ring is now back where it belongs. For many women, a wedding ring is a symbol of marriage and fidelity. The ring symbolizes a promise to a partner, which is a special part of every couple’s history. The ring represents a commitment, and it is a symbol of the love that you have for each other.

Earlier this year, Guthrie shared a video of her hand-washing with her children. In the video, she was wearing her wedding ring, and captioned the post, “We’ve been together for four years!” She went on TODAY’s TODAY show with Feldman for nearly four months. A few days afterward, the two were reunited with their wedding ring.

After several days of a sexy, tearful reunions with Feldman, Savannah has revealed that her marriage to Feldman is stronger than ever. The couple are now parents of two children, and her relationship with Feldman is stronger than ever. The two recently welcomed their second child, and it is clear they have a strong bond. However, the rumors that surround Guthrie’s wedding ring continue to linger.

Despite the recent scandal over the wedding ring, Guthrie appears to be happy. In September 2015, the couple revealed their first child together. The couple were married four months later, and have since reunited with their wedding ring. In 2016, she appeared on the TODAY show with her husband, where she explained she had been four months pregnant. A few days later, she revealed that she was four months pregnant.

In a recent Facebook video, Savannah Guthrie showed a hand-washing session with her kids. She had her wedding ring on, and captioned the post, “Again!” After several days of searching for her wedding ring, she returned to her home to discover it. The photo is the result of a viral video that was shared between Guthrie and Feldman. Sadly, they are no longer together.

In the past week, Savannah Guthrie’s ring has made headlines in the world. She’s gone on a vacation and accidentally left it behind. A few days later, she found her ring again, and the ring was back on her finger. In fact, she had even posted a video on her desk showing her ring. While the news is a bit sad, the fact that her wedding remained a topic of controversy is not unusual.

The actress went days without her wedding ring on her TODAY show. In the video, she has her wedding ring on her hand. But, she had to wear her wedding sanitizer in order to clean her hands. In the same way, she has her kids’ sanitizer on her desk. While her ring may have been lost, she still had it a few days later, after discovering the location of her ring.

A video of Savannah Guthrie hand washing with her children has gone viral. In the same video, the actress has her wedding ring on her finger. It’s a cute clip, and it’s not the only one that has made her popular. She has appeared on TODAY since 2012. A few days before her wedding, she was four months pregnant. The video has since been deleted. This snafu has been making headlines for some time.

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