Tension Set Diamond Rings

tension set diamond ring

The patented technique of securing the gemstones in a ring by tension requires extensive technical know-how. The resulting ring appears bulky and has generated controversy. The method requires two points of contact on the gemstone and is delicate and requires expert workmanship. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. One of these comes from Steven Kretchmer. Here are some of his techniques. Read on to discover them!

Laraci tension set diamond ring

The Laraci tension set diamond ring exemplifies enduring elegance. A stunning round diamond sits in the center of a yellow gold band, and the wide band and white gold accents highlight the unique shape of the center stone. The contrast between the yellow and white gold gives this ring a unique sparkle. The band also creates a swirling effect, while the diamond is the main attraction of the piece.

Tension setting diamond rings require a specialized skill set. Because they look fragile, they are actually very secure and take a great deal of force to loosen. The technique can be expensive, and only about ten to fifteen percent of jewelers are trained in it. While it’s a common technique, it can also be risky if you don’t know how to do it correctly. To ensure the longevity of your diamond ring, make sure that it’s set by a trusted jeweler.

The design of a tension setting is remarkably elegant and can appear mystical. This setting style was first introduced in Austria as a round ring. A band with diamonds inside a tiny groove is pushed inward against the sides of the stone by a custom metal band. This style holds the stone securely in place while preserving its floating effect. Unlike six prong head settings, the Laraci tension set diamond ring is easier to remove than a traditional engagement ring.

Edward Mirell tension set diamond ring

If you’re planning to purchase a diamond ring for your loved one, consider an Edward Mirell tension set ring. Designed in the U.S., Edward Mirell products are crafted at a South Florida facility. The company also sells titanium rings and women’s jewelry. Whether it’s for an engagement or a wedding, Edward Mirell has a design for you. This article provides information on these styles.

When looking for a tension set diamond ring, choose one with a metal that won’t scratch or discolor. Titanium is a good option because of its scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic properties. Edward Mirell titanium diamond rings are feather-light, which makes them a popular choice for women who love avant-garde jewelry. This type of ring comes with free insured shipping and a 30-day return policy.

Another design to consider is the titanium band. This material is lightweight and scratch resistant, making it the perfect choice for active lifestyles. It is also very affordable and is available in a half-size option for women. Aside from titanium, another material that can be easily scratched is blue anodized titanium. As with any Edward Mirell tension set diamond ring, you’ll have to select the size that fits you best. Fortunately, this ring is available in half sizes from five to 12.

Steven Kretchmer’s solution to the bulky appearance of tension set diamond rings

A popular style of engagement ring has become a more modern alternative to the traditional diamond ring. Tension-set engagement rings are more elegant and allow the center stone to be seen with minimal distortion. The sleek, curving design and high level of polish make this ring a fashion statement. A tension-set diamond ring will certainly turn heads. This ring is the result of the expertise of Steven Kretchmer, a master of tension settings.

Many clients like the modern, minimalist look of this style of engagement ring. This is because the center diamond appears slender and mysterious. There are no prongs or bezels to obstruct the center diamond, so it is free from halo effect. Tension-set diamond rings have their own challenges, but Steven Kretchmer’s solution addresses one of the most common problems.

Tension-set diamond rings are an extremely popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. They are more secure than traditional ring settings and allow for the ultimate in sparkle. The Niessing tension ring is made of 18 karat gold and is 25% alloyed with non-traditional metals. This makes it stronger than traditional gold alloys. A modern tension set diamond ring is made of a platinum alloy known as “Plat/SK”.

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