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The 1,500-acre Mill Reef Club is a members-only island community located on Antigua. This exclusive community is home to nine holes of golf and 45 private residences. Its 255 members are also members of several private clubs in the area. Its members enjoy exclusive access to its facilities, including the spa and golf courses. The club also hosts events and activities. For more information, visit

1,500-acre members-only club

The 1,500-acre Mill Reef Club includes five miles of shoreline and three islands. It was founded in 1947 by Connecticut architect Robertson ‘Happy’ Ward with just $38,000 in capital. The book was well received, and has garnered praise for its impressionistic prose, mother-daughter issues, and relentless pursuit of honesty. Ultimately, the book is a powerful critique of the Club’s racial discrimination policies.

The resort’s grounds were originally part of a Mellon family retreat. The island was home to the Mellons for six decades, and its privacy was legendary. Today, the Mellons have relocated the retreat to a private section of Mill Reef Club. The 1,500-acre members-only club is famous for its exquisite setting, a hospitable atmosphere, and a full array of water sports.

The nine-hole golf course at Mill Reef Club is located on the eastern coast of Antigua. The founder of the resort reserved significant beachfront property to play golf and built the course in a primitive style. The course also has some minor functional issues with the greens and bunkers. But the views are worth the price of admission. There are no scheduled tee times, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Nine hole golf course

The Mill Reef Club is a 1,500-acre members-only community in Antigua. It boasts five miles of shoreline and three islands. You can play nine holes of golf on any of these three islands. The courses offer the perfect combination of ocean views and challenging golf. To book a golf tour, contact the hotel. The staff will be happy to arrange the details. Guests can also reserve a hotel room or arrange to be pampered at the club.

The Mill Reef Club offers a nine-hole golf course on the east coast of Antigua. The original founder reserved significant beachfront property for golf. The course features modest greens and bunkers. However, there are plenty of other amenities at the Mill Reef Club, including a private beach and a swimming beach. The course has a casual, island-style feel, while still offering a challenge for even the most experienced golfer.

The Reef holes were designed by Tillinghast. They are typically long par-3s and featured a diagonal ridge protecting the green. The original Blue’s fifth hole was the same, but Bethpage’s course is believed to be the only Reef par-4 by Tillinghast. In fact, the course was named for Tillinghast. A 1953 aerial photo shows no irrigation pond. Eventually, a new five-hole course would be built and incorporate the existing Blue layout.

45 private homes

The exclusive Mill Reef Club, located in the British Virgin Islands, is for sale again. A 25-room clubhouse and manicured grounds are part of the community’s perks. The surrounding property boasts sparkling beaches, tennis courts, golf greens, and croquet courses. The secluded resort’s laid-back lifestyle is ideal for a quiet life. There are no telephones or newspapers, and the residents have a plethora of outdoor activities.

Antigua is an island paradise with a tropical climate, miles of virgin beaches, and superb skin-diving waters. The island’s trees sway with beautiful flowering plants, including butterfly and white spider orchids. Antigua spent centuries isolated from the rest of the Leeward Islands, too small to have much economic importance and too far to attract hurried vacationers. The island’s isolation was the catalyst for a group of U.S. businessmen to discover the island and create the Mill Reef Club.

255 members

Set on 1,500 acres of white sand beach, the Mill Reef Club is a private country club with a state-of-the-art health and fitness center and infinity pool. The club also has a fully equipped yacht club. Originally developed over 75 years ago, the Mill Reef Club was conceived as an idyllic island community where people could enjoy blue waters and gentle winds. Its members enjoy living in an environment without the hustle and bustle of the world. And, with no newspapers or telephones, the lifestyle at Mill Reef is a truly relaxing one.

The club is made up of wealthy members who have no empathy for others and who take advantage of their privilege. The book A Small Place criticized the Mill Reef Club for its exclusive nature, noting that it denied ordinary Antiguans access to the beautiful beaches. But, it also made the club’s owners happy, as they’ve given more than $9 million in donations to worthy organizations on the island. Now, the Mill Reef Club has 255 members, including some of the country’s most prominent socialites.

The Mill Reef Club is a sports-minded club, and it’s situated on a peninsula on the south side of the island. The sun-kissed ladies board the Bertram Work boat as a welcome sight. Colorfully-dressed Mrs. Walter Allen, who lives a quarter mile from the club, entertains her clubmates. Donald K. David and John Cowen of Minneapolis play croquet, an English game, while Mollie Wilson, another Mill Reefer, enjoys a game of English croquet.

Location in Antigua

Located on the east coast of Antigua, the members-only Mill Reef Club is a 1,500-acre property with five miles of shoreline and three islands. Its beautiful setting and tranquility will make you want to stay for days on end. Located in a pristine, unspoiled setting, this island-club is the perfect place to relax after a long day of sightseeing or business meetings.

The Mill Reef Club has a very small population, and is situated in Saint Philip, a region of Antigua and Barbuda. The area around this resort is home to several cities, including Watsons and Freetown, as well as Freetown Village. Closer major cities include Cumana, La Romana, San Pedro De Macoris, and Maturin. To find the exact location of the Mill Reef Club, explore our detailed map of Antigua and Barbuda.

If you’d like to visit the island of Antigua and the Mill Reef Club, you’ll want to know its exact location. The resort is located in the Parish of Saint Philip, which is an area known for its natural beauty and rich history. The nearest airport is V.C. Bird International Airport, which is about 10 miles (16 kilometers) away. Other ways to get to Antigua from the U.S. include taking a ferry to the island’s capital city of St. John’s and taking a taxi.

Cost of membership

The Mill Reef Club is a private resort located on 1,200 acres on the east coast of the island of Antigua. It was founded in 1947 by architect Robertson ‘Happy’ Ward, who wanted to create a private island community for blue bloods. Members include IBM mogul Tom Watson and Mrs. Paul Mellon. They can host a private event of up to 100 people at the Mill Reef Clubhouse. Other notable members include Lord and Lady Astor, a former philanthropist and the daughter of a banking heir.

mill reef club

The Mill Reef Club has a reputation for being a club that caters to the ultra-rich. Founders Jamaica Kincaid criticized the club for excluding black members, noting that “ordinary Antiguans had no chance of accessing this beautiful beach.” The Mill Reef Fund, an initiative of the club, has given away $9 million to worthy organizations throughout Antigua. Although the Club is notorious for its elite nature, it remains one of the most exclusive clubs on the island.

Membership is priced at a reasonable $90 per month and includes many benefits. Mill Reef Club supports numerous worthy causes in Antigua and Barbuda, including the Elkhorn Marine Conservancy, which helps restore reefs around the club’s shoreline. The Mill Reef Fund also supports a number of other causes, including the Jumby Bay Resort, and many others. You’ll be surprised at how affordable membership is, with perks like the benefits and privileges of membership.

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