The Story of Levy Jewelers

The family business of Dayle and Aaron Levy opened in 1900 and has been a fixture in the West Village since then. Dayle Levy traveled around the world looking for the best pieces to offer her customers. Aaron Levy wanted to keep the business in the family for generations, but his children had other plans and decided to pursue careers in different fields. The business eventually passed to Aaron Kronowitz, who shared the Levy’s beliefs about downtown presence, customer service, and being open and accessible to the community.

levy jewelers opened in 1900

When Levy Jewelers opened in Savannah, Georgia in 1900, it was just a small watch repair shop. The Wright brothers had yet to fly, World War I was only 14 years away, and the Russian Revolution was still a few decades away. The businessman and his wife were newcomers to the country, leaving their family in Eastern Europe. In fact, 90 percent of the employees of the flagship store were local tradesmen. Kronowitz, the family’s grandson, spoke at the Business in Savannah quarterly luncheon and described the evolution of the store.

Located in the Historic Downtown district of Savannah, Georgia, Levy Jewelers has been in business for almost a century. The original store was founded by Aaron Malitz Levy in 1900. Jack Levy joined the business in 1928 and expanded it to include diamonds. In the 1930s, the family moved to a larger property on Broughton Street. The store continues to operate at the corner of Broughton and Dryton Streets. It was one of the first Savannah stores to install air conditioning. The store still features the original self-service elevator.

The Levy brothers originally owned the Levy Repair Shop. Aaron Levy also sold G.E. appliances. After his death in 1929, his son Jack took over the business. Jack Levy’s grandson Matt graduated from the University of Georgia and went on to study law at Harvard. When Aaron Levy’s health began to wane, his younger son Jack and two daughters took over the business.

Levy Jewelers has two locations in Savannah. One is located at 7804 Abercorn Extension and the other is in the Oglethorpe Mall. Located on Oglethorpe Street, Levy Jewelers has a diverse selection of jewelry and giftware. The Globe Shoe Company is another old, family-owned business. They also offer fine watchmaking and giftware. Whether you are looking for a wedding ring or a simple ring, you’ll find it at Levy.

Savannah is home to Levy Jewelers, a fourth-generation family-owned retail jeweler. In fact, they opened their Oglethorpe Mall store in 1979. Their storied history dates back to 1900, and the business continues to be a staple in the Savannah community. You can also shop online, with free shipping on orders over $50! In addition to offering a stunning collection of fine jewelry, Levy Jewelers also offers free shipping for orders that total $50 or more.

levy jewelers sued security company following burglary

Levy jewelers recently sued the security company that monitored the shop after a break-in. The company says the alarm did not sound in time and that the employees destroyed security camera footage. However, the store’s owner recorded the burglary on his cellphone, and the shop’s alarm did not trigger. In addition, the shop’s security cameras did not record video of the burglary. However, the company claims the burglars were unable to find the jewelers’ jewelry.

The Cambria jewelry store was broken into by two men, one of whom had a blunt object and cracked the front door glass case containing jewelry. The two men remained inside the shop for more than a minute and stole jewelry worth approximately $47,000. According to the lawsuit, the security company failed to properly install the camera system at the store, so the alarm would not have detected the break-in, which happened through the front door.

levy jewelers offers Pandora Jewelry

levy jewelers

One of the most popular jewelry brands is Pandora. Pandora was founded in Denmark in 1982 and is famous for its contemporary jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand from Pandora Rose and ethically sourced metals. Craftsmen set every stone by hand and the collection includes rings, earrings, and necklaces. Levy Jewelers is the only jewelry store in Savannah that offers Pandora jewelry. For more information, visit

As an authorized PANDORA jewelry retailer, Levy Jewelers is a century-old family-run business that has an impressive collection of watches, jewelry, and giftware. The store has an impressive collection of gifts and jewelry and will soon renovate its main floor to include a new PANDORA boutique. It is located in the Globe Shoe Company building, which has been open since 1896.

The Savannah store is located at 8108 Abercorn St., while Levy Jewelers’ Oglethorpe Mall is near the Golden Isles Terminal Railroad. Levy Jewelers accepts credit cards and also offers Pandora Jewelry online. It has two locations in Savannah: one on Abercorn St., and the other in the Oglethorpe Mall. It is open seven days a week, so you can always stop by and get some amazing Pandora Jewelry.

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