The Turquoise Ring

If you are planning to buy a ring for your significant other, you may have some ideas in your head about what to look for. You may have seen Yvonne Leon’s turquoise ring, or you might have also seen the Tiffany T ring, or even one from Le Vian Couture. Whichever ring you choose, it will definitely represent the enduring love between the two people. Read on to find out more about the turquoise ring!

Yvonne Leon’s turquoise ring

Yvonne Leon’s turquoise tiara ring is a stunning and unusual statement piece. It is made of 18k gold and turquoise beads. To wear this piece, you will need a nude manicure. You should wear a ring with this style with a bare manicure for the ultimate effect. The tiara is perfect for any occasion, and you can pair it with any of the other pieces from her collection.

The youngest member of a family of jewellers, Yvonne Leon launched her own eponymous label following her studies at the ESMOD school of fashion in Paris. Drawing inspiration from her travels, she blends vintage charm with a modern mood to create a range of statement pieces. Each piece is handmade in the designer’s workshop. Yvonne Leon’s eponymous ring is a perfect piece for an evening out.

Tiffany T ring

A turquoise and diamond ring is a beautiful and classic accessory to complete any wardrobe. Turquoise is one of the earliest stones used in jewelry, and the Tiffany T collection features this classic gemstone. The rings are iconic, multifaceted, and a tangible reminder of our connections. A turquoise and diamond ring will make a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection, and the turquoise and diamond Tiffany T ring can be worn alone or stacked with other T collection rings for a striking effect.

Le Vian Couture(r)

A unique and colorful combination of white diamonds and turquoise gemstones adorns a ring from the Le Vian Couture collection. Set in 14k Strawberry Gold, the ring features a stunning turquoise gemstone weighing ten carats. Brown diamonds and a halo of white diamonds enhance the look. A variety of precious metals and gemstones are also featured, including rose and yellow gold.

diamond and turquoise ring

The Chocolate Period, from 2010 to today, ushers in new signature collections and patented designs. Chocolate Diamonds are some of the world’s most precious stones and are affordable compared to other diamonds. The company sells them only in its ring collection. The company’s exclusive designs include the Chocolate Ombre, Chocolate Souffle, and the Gladiator. The Chocolate Souffle and Gladiator are examples of such collections.

While not exactly a luxury item, the designer aims to keep the prices low. His designs are not available online. Le Vian is located in Los Angeles. The California-based company started out making a few hundred pieces a year. These days, it sells as many as 40,000 pieces. The company has four factories in the United States, China, and Thailand, but is still dependent on individual country’s specialties. In addition to its online retail shop, Le Vian holds trunk shows and an annual Red Carpet Revue.

Yvonne Leon’s ring

Yvonne Leon’s diamond and black turquoise ring is reminiscent of treasures found in vintage markets. The ring is crafted of 9-karat gold and features a single diamond and teardrop-shaped turquoise. It can be worn on the ring finger alone or with dainty bands for a unique look. A ring of this size will be a great addition to any jewelry box.

The youngest daughter of a family of jewellers, Yvonne Leon started her own label after studying at Paris’ ESMOD school of design. She takes inspiration from flea markets and the jewellery boxes found in her grandmother’s attic. Her whimsical gold pieces and rings are reminiscent of antiques, while her signature piece is an 18-karat gold ear jacket encrusted with precious stones.

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