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A Bora -Bora-Bora wedding takes place on a motu (private island) in the Pacific Ocean. The bride wears a pareo, the local tahitian word for a white piece of cloth. She wraps the cloth around her upper body, covering her breasts and shoulders. In more traditional surroundings, covering the upper body is less important. However, covering the thighs is more important. Men wear short skirts to make their bodies appear more modest.

Traditional ceremony

If you’ve always wanted a romantic beach wedding, you may want to consider a traditional Bora-Bora wedding. While a wedding in French Polynesia may be a bit edgier than a traditional Bora-Bora one, it’s still an easy way to get married. The most common wedding traditions in French Polynesia involve a simple ceremony at the town hall. The mayor’s representative will preside over the ceremony, and each couple must have a witness. If the couple doesn’t have a friend or family member who can act as a witness, the mayor’s office can provide one for you.

The traditional ceremony on Bora-Bora begins with a Tahitian priest blessing the couple with the Auti leaf. This leaves are considered sacred by the Tahitian people and symbolize purity, spirituality, and protection. The couple’s newly-wed names are then given to them by the priest. Coconut water is also used to wash away sins. This ritual is not only beautiful and unique, but it’s also a fun way to remember your special day.

Following the wedding, the couple will take part in a traditional Polynesian ceremony, known as the Ocean Intimate Blessing. This ceremony is performed on the island’s most beautiful and unspoiled reef side, and only the couples of Tahaa and Raiatea are allowed to witness it. The ceremony concludes with a flower toss. The couple then enjoy a romantic evening of dancing on the beach.

If you’re looking for a truly romantic wedding, then consider a Bora-Bora wedding. This enchanting island is also known as the pearl of the South Pacific and offers long white sand beaches, dazzling views, and tranquility. A Bora-Bora wedding will surely be a memorable one. You’ll have the opportunity to dance to local music and enjoy dancing in the swaying palm trees.

barefoot ceremony

If you’re looking for a wedding location that’s both tropical and unique, you’ve likely considered a Bora-Bora wedding. This romantic island with white sand beaches and turquoise water offers a stunning backdrop for a wedding. Bora-Bora weddings offer an exotic feel, complete with a flower crown, dancing, and even local musicians and the sound of the ukulele. It’s easy to see why Bora-Bora weddings are becoming so popular these days.

In this romantic setting, you can exchange vows while your toes are in the sand. In addition to the barefoot ceremony, you’ll have a beautiful backdrop for your photos. The island’s coconut palms will sway with the sound of an ukulele, played by a bronzed Tahitian man. You can even take your wedding photographs in a beautiful over-water bungalow, as the water is so refreshing.

Bora-Bora weddings are truly unique, with only about five percent of the brides wearing white Pareos. But this doesn’t mean you should forgo a dress for the ceremony, which is already incredibly beautiful. Whether you’d prefer a white Pareo or an elegant frock or a more modest wedding gown, you can find a Bora-Bora wedding package to suit your taste and your budget.

A barefoot wedding ceremony in Bora-Bora Bora can be as intimate as a barefoot ceremony on the beach. A Tahitian officiant will give the couple a traditional name, “Tetea-Bora Bora,” which is a local Tahitian word for union. The officiant will also wrap the couple in a tifafai quilt, a traditional Tahitian blanket that symbolizes the union between two people.

Private motus

A private motu in the center of the island is an ideal location for your wedding ceremony. A Tahitian priest will greet you and your guests with traditional music. Private motus are traditional thatched-roof structures, with timber structure backups for inclement weather. In addition, the motus’ sanitary facilities are appropriate for an intimate wedding ceremony. There are also a variety of options for above/underwater and 360-degree wedding ceremonies.

For a private motu in Bora-Bora, the Bora-Bora resorts offer a beach area that is perfect for ceremonies. Private motus are available for weddings in the island, and couples can choose between a simple ceremony or an elaborate affair with hundreds of guests. Some resorts also offer a private culinary experience for two on their motus. If you opt for a private motu in Bora-Bora wedding, you’ll need to hire a licensed marriage celebrant.

The most common motu in Bora-Bora is Motu Piti Aau. This bend in the sand is named after the mythical Mt Otemanu, which is the highest peak in the island. A private motu in Bora-Bora is ideal for an intimate wedding, and it’s one of the most romantic wedding locations in the world. Its unspoiled, pristine beauty will take your breath away and leave you speechless.

When choosing your private motus in Bora-Bora, choose a reputable company that offers insurance coverage and proper maintenance of the vessels. If you’re in a budget, there are several cheaper options on the main island. Manu Tours and Aea Teraimataeata have a number of options to suit any budget. These providers have experience in conducting authentic ceremonies, and their staff members will make sure that every detail is taken care of.

Dinner on the beach

Your romantic island wedding in Bora boreo will include a beautiful sunset wedding on the pristine white sands of the island. Guests will enjoy a wedding certificate, a Tahitian black pearl, a Champagne toast, and a cake cutting on the beach. Afterwards, you and your guests will enjoy a three-course gourmet dinner and a 75-cl bottle of wine. The wedding ceremony and reception will conclude with a romantic dinner on the beach.

One of the most romantic locations for a Bora-Bora wedding is a motu. These remote, lush islands can only be reached by canoe or boat. Although they’re more expensive, they’re the most private locations on the island. To ensure that you’ll be able to host your dream wedding on this romantic island, you’ll want to pre-book your wedding on the beach. Pre-booking is required to ensure that the location will be available and to allow the resort time to arrange everything.

Choosing a resort

There are many factors to consider before booking a Bora-Bora resort for your wedding. Whether you want to get married on a private island, or you’d like to share the day with a large group of friends and family, there are several factors to consider. Before booking a resort, make sure to find out whether you can get married in your chosen language. In addition to this, make sure to ask your wedding coordinator about available accommodations, such as a wedding package.

bora bora wedding

There are many benefits to planning a Bora-Bora wedding at a resort. For example, some resorts have a wedding planner on staff who can help you design a special wedding ceremony. The resort may be able to provide you with a beach-front chapel, as well as the arrangements for a reception. A Bora-Bora wedding is sure to be a memorable occasion for the two of you.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional beach ceremony, a unique over-water chapel, or a breathtaking sunset champagne cruise, it’s important to choose the perfect place for your wedding. Some resorts offer a variety of wedding packages, ranging from hair and makeup services to cake and ceremony coordination. And if you prefer to celebrate your wedding in a luxury hotel, many resorts offer wedding packages that include the wedding venue, the venue, and the reception.

When choosing a resort for a Bora-Bora wedding, keep in mind your budget and how much your wedding will cost. Bora-Bora weddings are extremely expensive, and you’ll want to book six months in advance to ensure you have enough time to choose a venue. To help you plan a memorable wedding in Bora-Bora, you can contact a specialist travel agent.

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