Wedding Napkin Folds

There are many different wedding napkin folds. This article will discuss some of them. Diamond pouch, Bunny ear, Pinwheel, and Bunched are just a few. Choose the one that best suits your wedding day! What’s your favorite wedding napkin fold? Let us know in the comments below! Also check out our gallery of unique wedding napkin folds! It will inspire you to use different styles of napkins for your big day!

Diamond pouch

When tucking silverware into the tablecloth, you will want to use a diamond pouch. This easy fold can be used for many different purposes, from placing chopsticks in a place setting to storing silverware. Even though this fold is very simple, it adds a unique flair to a wedding reception. Here’s how to make this elegant and functional fold. The best part about it? It’s very quick and easy to make!

To create a diamond napkin fold, start by laying out the first colour of napkin. Place the second coloured napkin on top of the first, fanning out the fabric. Then, fold the first one twice on the long side, with the seam facing the underside. Lastly, lay the folded napkin over the plate, letting it fall naturally. This will create a pocket for the place card.

Bunny’s ear

A bunny’s ear is a wonderful way to customize your wedding napkins. To create this look, start by folding your napkin in thirds and tucking the corners up. Then, fold the bottom of the napkin towards the center line. Fold over the bottom corner and tuck it into the top crease of the napkin. When you’re finished, flip your napkin over to form the ears.

To make the ear, you can either purchase a pre-made set or make your own. Burlap and heavy linen fabric work well for this project. A little bit of sewing is required to make a bunny ear. You’ll need a needle and thread to create the ear. Lastly, use fabric glue to adhere the ears to the napkin. It’s not required to have any sewing experience to make these adorable napkin folds.


If you’re looking for a unique and easy way to fold your wedding napkins, you might want to try the pinwheel wedding napkin fold. This napkin folding technique looks similar to a star on a Christmas tree. Best of all, it’s very easy to learn and requires less than 10 steps. It’s a perfect wedding decoration, especially if your theme is patriotic. To get started, simply download the PDF of the pinwheel napkin fold.

In addition to these three simple ways to fold your wedding napkins, there are plenty of elaborate options as well. If you have a Chinese themed wedding, consider folding the napkins in a Chinese-style. Another interesting and simple wedding table decoration is the Vases fold. Vase napkin decor will look beautiful on your table. Another unusual wedding napkin folding method is the Envelope Fold. These cute little boxes can hold wedding favors for your guests.


When arranging the tablescape at your wedding, bunched wedding napkin folds can be an elegant and stylish accent. This simple wedding detail is easy to incorporate into the tablescape. It can be used to add a pop of color and can be saved for future use at dinner parties. To add a personal touch to your wedding, consider using napkin rings and ribbon. Below are some tips for creating unique and creative napkin folds.

A simple way to create a beautiful bunched wedding napkin fold is to fold your napkin diagonally. Begin at the center and fold the long side by about an inch. Now fold the other two legs by one inch, pinching the middle. Then, add a glitzy string or ribbon and tie in a bow. Then, add a coordinating ribbon to the napkin to complete the look.


There are many different fan-shaped wedding napkin folds, each one elegant and different. This fold is often the perfect choice for an outdoor ceremony where guests don’t want to be bothered by the twirls of fabric. The long edge of the napkin touches the table, and the rest folds open like an accordion. Fold the corners into the center to create the fan-shaped napkin. You may want to use a tulle favor bag as the flower center.

Fan-shaped napkin folds are a perfect accent for your table and can match the theme of your ceremony or reception. They are also perfect for a Chinese themed wedding. This folding style requires a few precise folds and tucking. This will make a pocket for the place card and save space on a busy table. It is a simple and quick way to add a fun accent to your table.

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