What to Do With Dried Wedding Bouquets

If your wedding was a year ago, you may wonder what to do with dried flowers. There are many options. You can dry the flowers yourself, or find a florist who will help you preserve the blooms. There are also ways to display your dried flowers. You can frame them or use them as decor in your home. Some people even frame their wedding flowers! Here are some of the ideas that will make them look great.

Pressing the flowers is the easiest way to preserve them. You can find clear epoxy resin and use it to create decorative shapes. You can purchase molds at a local craft store and fill them with flowers. After the flowers have dried, you can remove them and admire the decoration. Another option is to send the flowers to an Etsy seller who will turn them into jewelry trays. Once the flowers are dry, you can put them into beautiful ornament baubles or other beautiful decorative pieces.

Freeze-drying is another option. This method involves freezing the flowers and removing moisture. You can ask your wedding florist if this is an option for you. The process may take two or three months to complete, but the flowers will be preserved forever. You can display dried wedding bouquets in vases or keep them in decorative boxes for years to come. This will ensure that dust, moisture, and bugs do not ruin your wedding flowers.

Alternatively, you can turn your dried flowers into unique pieces of art. You can turn your bouquet into a framed piece of art or a homemade card. If you have a lot of flowers to dry, you can try pressing them with silica gel. The silica gel will make them last for months. During this time, they will be preserved beautifully, without any danger of deterioration or damage.

what to do with dried wedding bouquet

You can also store your dried wedding bouquet in a vase. A vase is a wonderful way to display your bouquet after it has dried. A container can hold up to three years. A vase will protect your bouquet from bugs and moisture. When you are done with drying, you can display your dried wedding bouquet in a decorative glass box or vase. The jar will protect your wedding flower from dust and moisture. This way, you can keep your flowers for a long time.

If you want to preserve your bouquet, the best way to do this is to place it between two pieces of parchment paper. To make it easier, you can tie a rubber band around the stems. If you want to save your flowers for a long time, you can even add a layer of silica gel to your jar. A glass bottle can also work wonders, but make sure to label your container clearly.

When you’re ready to preserve your flowers, you can use soy wax to protect them. Soy wax is a great choice because it gives flowers a glossy, flexible finish. It’s easy to find soy wax at your local craft store. Flaked soy is easy to melt in the microwave, while whole soy is more difficult to melt. Regardless of which method you choose, make sure to carefully follow the directions to make sure the flowers look perfect.

Another option is to hang your bouquet upside down to dry it. This will prevent the flowers from being weighed down by gravity. If you have dried the flowers in a glass vase, you should hang them upside down to prevent this from happening. Once your bouquet is dry, you can keep it on your dresser to display it for years to come. The next step is to store it in a box that can be used as a vase.

One of the best options for preserving your wedding bouquet is to use silica gel. This substance absorbs moisture from flowers and is available at most craft stores. Whether you want to preserve your actual bouquet or test it for a few days, silica gel can help. Applying silica gel to your flowers will keep them preserved and protected for a few weeks. Then, display them in a vase for years to come!

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