What to Do With Your Wedding Bouquet

If you’re wondering what to do with your wedding bouquet, there are several options. The first is to dry your flowers. Place them upside down in a vase, allowing gravity to pull the necks of the flowers straight. It is best to dry them in smaller bunches, as this will allow air to circulate and prevent mold. You can hang the flowers by rubber bands or use clips or hooks to keep them in place. Leave them to dry for about two weeks, and they will be ready to be framed.

what to do with wedding bouquet

You can also dry your flowers by wrapping them in a sheet of parchment paper and placing them inside a heavy book. If the book is too light, you can place vases or even more books on top of it. You can leave the flowers in this method for seven to 10 days, depending on the type of flower. Make sure you place the parchment on top of the flower petals, and the parchment underneath the book. This will prevent ink from touching the petals of the flowers.

A more economical option is to press your wedding flowers. However, this can be done as early as the day before the wedding. To make the process easier, spread the stems of your flowers onto a sheet of wax paper. Once you have arranged them properly, insert the wax paper into a hefty book, and then close it. Let it dry for a week, and you’ll have a beautiful decoration!

A beautiful way to preserve your wedding bouquet is by making it into a photo frame. You can use fake or live flowers in the frame, and glue them into the guestbook. You can also create a beautiful, handmade picture using your bouquet’s petals. You can also dry it as-is to avoid damage to your precious wedding day memories. When the flowers are completely dry, place them into a large, clear glass frame and hang it in a prominent place.

Once your wedding bouquet has dried, it’s time to make it a beautiful keepsake. If you are going to dry your wedding bouquet, be sure to keep it in a dark place for at least two weeks. You should leave them in a vase for about a month before putting them in a box. This will prevent moisture, dust, and bugs from damaging your beautiful wedding flowers. Then, you can display your bridal bouquet in a vase.

If you want to use the flowers as decorative pieces, you can also press them. Using a paper towel, you can place the flowers inside a heavy book. Once they are completely dry, you can display them in a glass box. It is best to use a glass vase to keep your wedding bouquet as an elegant decoration. Then, you can send your dried wedding bouquet to an artist and have it turned into a jewelry tray.

Another option for preserving your wedding bouquet is to make a scented candle. You can either buy scented candles or add dried flowers to a wax mixture. The process is both inexpensive and time-consuming. You can also sell the flowers at a craft fair. But remember to follow the directions carefully. If you have too many flowers, you can send them to a florist. The florist will help you arrange them so they can stay fresh for as long as possible.

If you’re not sure what to do with your wedding bouquet, you can make it into a beautiful gift. Consider using a glass display case. It is the most elegant way to display your bouquet. It will also last longer than a glass vase. Once it is dry, you can add some embellishments to it. A vase made of flowers can be a perfect way to preserve your wedding bouquet. While a vase is not an ideal option for everyone, you can still use a glass display case for it.

You can also send your wedding flowers to an artist to make beautiful jewelry trays. You can choose to create a jar or a jewelry tray using the flowers. Adding a few dried flowers to your jar or tray will add a unique touch to your creation. Once the vase is finished, you can even have a piece of your bouquet for your guests. If you have a lot of dried flowers, you can turn them into a lovely ornament for your home.

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